Don't miss the holiday lights because you can't see them. Since July 2000, Utahns have been invited to donate $2 to Friends for Sight when they renew their vehicle registration, driver's license and license-plate tag. This small $2 donation funds vision screenings for approximately 25,000 preschool children, teen drivers and adults across the state each year.

In March 2001, Friends for Sight launched its Youth Vision Screening Program to reach a heretofore neglected segment of the population teenagers. We offer free visual acuity testing to middle and high school students. This program now reaches students in multiple grade levels throughout Utah school districts and about 17% of students screened are referred for vision correction. In many cases we can provide a full eye exam and eye glasses to the students we refer.

Since 1955, Friends for Sight has screened over a million eyes for amblyopia (lazy-eye blindness) as part of the Preschool Vision Screening Program.

Good vision is priceless and a $2 donation to Friends for Sight is a wise investment. Good vision saves lives and cars, so put on your glasses to see the lights, sights, cars and the faces of those you love and remember Friends for Sight as you renew your driver's license and vehicle registration tag.

Thank you for your generosity. Happy New Year!

Colleen Malouf

President & CEO, Friends for Sight