Ever had one of those days?

For the Park City High School swim team, Tuesday was one of those days.

The squad headed down to the valley to take on Skyline, the 4A boys and girls defending state champions, Tuesday afternoon. Well, that is after the bus finally picked them up. The late departure meant a shortened warm-up and the rush took a toll on the swimmers.

The meet was held in small six-lane pool, which also meant that the swimmers weren't able to cool down after their races.

"Everything that could have possibly happened, happened," said Park City head coach Mike Werner.

Werner called it the "ultimate learning experience."

"It was a bad meet all around," he said. "It was a hard lesson to learn. You have to be prepared despite the situation."

To add to this "ultimate" experience, Werner had decided to integrate some of his underclassman in with the upperclassman in the relay races. Usually, only the strongest swimmers race on the relay teams, so this tweaking made Tuesday's challenges even greater.

"It was a good experience to learn from," Werner said. "We'll chalk it up to experience and press on."

And press on is just what the Miners are doing. They put in two solid practices on Wednesday and Thursday in preparation for the Battle of the Sexes meet on Friday, which pitted the male and female swimmers against each other in the same races (after this edition went to press).


Werner said that this meet is traditionally one of the most fun of the year because the boys and girls really want to beat each other.

The Miners will have an opportunity to have a better meet against top competition next week. They hit the road to take on Brighton, which features both the boys and girls 5A state defending state champions, Wednesday at 3 p.m.