All the great skiing opportunities are having a side effect in Park City they're producing great soccer players.

At least that's what Randy Farris, co-creator of the Park City Soccer Camps, thinks.

"That fact that a lot of the kids are skiing in Park City during the winters it's very complementary to the sport of soccer because of the muscle strength in the legs and the side-to-side motions," he said.

Starting Monday, Farris's camp will begin its third week of action after taking the past week off for Independence Day.

He's hoping for another great session to end this year's slate of camps.

"It's been really good so far, as usual," he said. "The kids have a great time. The weather's been phenomenal so far. We've avoided the heat wave and managed to survive."

The camp, which is open to youths ages 6 to 16, is shooting for another 40 to 45 athletes this week after drawing that many to the first two weeks.

"We'd love to have a good age spread," Farris said. "We want good numbers at each age group. Kids get competitive against their own age groups."

The players are divided into teams at the start of camp, with the teams building up as many points as possible during the week.

"It's a competitive, but really fun, atmosphere," Farris said. "We do running team scores throughout the week. We give points for everything."

And points aren't just earned on the pitch, he added.

"We even include geography tests and spelling bees during water breaks," he said.


"There are all kinds of games like that."

Overall, Farris said, the camp is trying to create better student-athletes in a fun environment.

"I would be happy if we could end our camp with the kids all having fun and wanting to come out next year," he said.

He added that several former campers who no longer fall within the age range have stuck around as camp instructors.

Because of that dedication, and the atmosphere in Park City, Farris thinks the area is a great place to hold a camp.

"It's phenomenal," he said. "We have tremendous facilities up at the North 40 and the kids are so athletic here in Park City; I love it."

Also, Farris added, participants can bring lightly-used or new soccer gear to the fields to be donated to the Here for Kids International charity, which provides soccer equipment and clothing to children in Peru and the Dominican Republic.

"We've had lots of donations from Park City in the past," Farris said. "I want to thank Park City for that and encourage them to donate again."

The camp offers morning or full-day sessions, beginning at 9 a.m. each day, at the North 40 fields in Park City. To sign up for the third week of the camp, go to .