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A bus driver’s world

Jessica Curley
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With two busy weekends coming up, the Tour of Utah and the Arts Festival, my assignment was to test Park City’s free bus system. I have been trying to take the bus more often because it reduces traffic and air pollution. Besides, on busy weekends it is really hard to find a place to park in town.

Here in Blackhawk Station, which is located north of I-80, near Kimball Junction. I’m on my way to Main Street, so I walk to the nearest bus stop to catch the city bus.

When I get on, only three other people are on board, but I had expected the ride to be quiet on a Wednesday morning.

After a few stops, more people got on. I noticed that the people were all different ages. There was an older man, a mom and little girl, and some teenage boys. It was good to know that the bus comes in handy for everyone around town.

On the bus, it was a calm atmosphere. There was occasional small talk between people, but the talking was drowned out by the sound of rock and roll on the bus’s radio.

I noticed, when people boarded, they asked questions regarding time and destination. I would hear, “Does this go to…” and “What time will we be there?” Since this is a tourist town, I wasn’t surprised by the many questions.

During the ride, I got to talk with the bus driver, and I got a little inside scoop.

My bus driver was Scott Alexander Little. He has been driving for Park City Transit for about three and half years. What he loves most about his job is meeting new people and helping people get to where they need to be.

I was curious to know what the busiest time of year was for the bus drivers, and I was told that the Park City Kimball Arts Festival that takes place on Aug 12-14 this year is a big responsibility for the city’s free transit system. The drivers are in charge of getting everyone to and from the festival for 12 hours each day.

Besides the Arts Festival, the Sundance Film Festival in January is another event that keeps the bus drivers very busy. Sundance took place January 21-31 this past winter, and if you were here, then you know how incredibly crowded the city was. Not only did the bus drivers have to deal with the hundreds of festival attendees, but they were stuck in dreadful traffic.

After talking to Little, I could tell that he loved his job. As for me, I see how hard these guys work. They spend hours helping people get to where they need to be. And despite answering questions over and over again, they maintain a good attitude.

I spent the rest of the time enjoying the smooth ride. I got to my destination safely without any traffic, and the trip took only 15 minutes. I thanked Little for his services and went on my way. I definitely recommend taking the city buses. They are fast, easy, and affordable. Also, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get Little as your driver.

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