Access Film Music Showcase is a Park City tradition during Film Festival week |

Access Film Music Showcase is a Park City tradition during Film Festival week

Goal is to introduce musicians and filmmakers

Access Film Music Showcase schedule Poplar Street Pub, 242 S. 200 West, Salt Lake City Wednesday, Jan. 18 8 p.m. — Cody Robinson 8:30 p.m. — Gigi Love 9 p.m. — Clint Alphin 9:30 p.m. — Jeff Carl 10 p.m. — Aaron English and Elizabeth hares 10:30 p.m. — Harold Hendry 11:30 p.m. — Coolabibus, featuring Michael Dallin The Spur Bar & Grill, 352 Main St., Park City Thursday, Jan. 19 8 p.m. — Clint Alphin 8:30 p.m. — Walking Man 9 p.m. — Aaron English & Elizabeth Hareza 9:30 p.m. — Drawing North 10:30 p.m. — SuperBubble Friday, Jan. 20 3 p.m. — Elodie Tomlinson 4 p.m. — Christopher Hawley 5 p.m. — Gigi Love 6 p.m. — Jeff Carl 7 p.m. — Tim Daniels Trio 8 p.m. — Andrew Wiscombe 10 p.m. — Coverdogs Saturday, Jan. 21 9 p.m. — TBA 10 p.m. — Rage Against the Supremes Monday, Jan. 23 3 p.m. — The Real Doug Lane 4 p.m. — Songwriters in the Round: Burt Hurner, Sara Little drum and Basil Katz 5 p.m. — Simply B 6 p.m. — Brooke Mackintosh Band 7 p.m. — Harold Henry 8 p.m. — Elizabeth Hareza & Shannon Runyon 10 p.m. — Candy’s River House Tuesday, Jan. 24 3 p.m. — Emiko 4 p.m. — Songwriters in the Round: Scott Rogers, Ali Nicole Timmons and Jarrett Burns 5 p.m. — Clint Alphin 6 p.m. — Jeff Crosby 7 p.m. — Big Little Lions 8 p.m. — Taylor Martin 10 p.m. — Mark McKay Wednesday, Jan. 25 3 p.m. — Songwrites in the Round: Michael Dallin, Scarecrow, Christopher David and William the Kidd 5 p.m. — Bill McGinnis 6 p.m. Taylor Martin 7 p.m. — Big Little Lions 8 p.m. — Lost in Bourbon 9 p.m. — Dr. Bob, featuring Jeffrey Howrey 10:30 p.m. — The Royal Engineers Thursday, Jan. 26 3 p.m. — Teresa Eggertsen Cooke 4 p.m. — Songwriters in the Round: Ashley Wynn, Cody Robinson and Jordan Young 5 p.m. — Tony Holiday & Co. 6 p.m. — Dr. Bob acoustic with Jeffrey Howrey 7 p.m. — Gigi Love 8 p.m. — Telluride Meltdown 9 p.m. — Michael Dallin Band 10:30 p.m. — “Chicago” Mike’s Intergalactic Brother & Sisterhood of Big Eyed Beans from FUFMO Friday, Jan. 27 3 p.m. — Mindy Dillard 4 p.m. — Songwriters in the Round: Aubree Liz, Bryan Koviak and Robyn Cage 5 p.m. — The Ouburg Brothers 6 p.m. — MINX 7 p.m. — Tim Hurley Band 10 p.m. — Metal Dogs Saturday, Jan. 28 3 p.m. — Che Zuro 4 p.m. — Songwriters in the Round: Mama J, Jody Whitesides and Terenece Hansen 5 p.m. — Backyard Revival 6 p.m. — Naked Waiters Trio 7 p.m. — Downright Citizens 8 p.m. — Patrick Sheedy 10 p.m. — Rage Against the Supremes Sunday, Jan. 29 3 p.m. — Acoustic Wrap Party & Hootenanny 9 p.m. — Sixth annual Electric Fruitenanny For more information, visit

The Access Film Music Showcase has been a Park City tradition during Film Festival week for the past 14 years.

What started as a one-night showcase at the now defunct Appaloosa pub on Main Street has turned into a 12-day event held from Jan. 18-29, said showcase programmer “Chicago” Mike Beck.

“The idea was to connect filmmakers and music makers,” Beck said during an interview with The Park Record. “Back in 2003, a singer and songwriter from Heber named Burt Hurner called me up and said, ‘Let’s do a music showcase during Sundance.’”

The first showcase featured five singer-songwriters.

“We invited many filmmakers and had a great night,” Beck said.

The next year, the showcase was moved to The Spur Bar & Grill.

“It grew to four nights,” Beck said. “Then the next year, it grew again and we had 10 nights.”

This year’s showcase will open with a one-night show at the Poplar Street Pub in Salt Lake City on Jan. 18.

“It’s an event we call a sneak peek,” Beck said. “Any of the artists who are already in town will get together and do a night of short sets to give people an idea of what’s to come up in Park City during Festival week.”

The showcase will open in Park City on Jan. 19. See schedule below.

Selecting the artists is a serendipitous process, Beck said.

“I travel and tour as a musician full time, so a lot of the artist we get to play are ones that I have encountered during my travels in the United States and Europe,” he said. “This year we have artists from the Netherlands, the U.K. and folks who have come in from all over the years.”

The showcase, which recently partnered with Ecu, the European Independent Film Festival in Paris, that’s held in April, as well as the Seattle International Film Festival that runs in May and June, tends to feature many singer-songwriters.

“In the past we’ve had some rock bands, blues bands, country artists and rap and hip-hop artists,” Beck said.

There are other influential factors in selecting the artists.

“One is to make sure we book artists that put on a good, fun and enjoyable show for the patrons of The Spur,” Beck said. “The Spur has its own vibe. It usually presents rootsy, countrified acoustic folk and rock artists.

“Since the concept of the Access Film Music Showcase has always surrounded the idea that filmmakers have a need for a diverse array of music, we want to serve a variety of filmmakers who make a variety of genres of films,” he said. “There is so much fantastic music being produced out there. We hand out a music sampler that includes the artists we present, but also some music that doesn’t translate well live in a bar setting, like electronic and symphonic music.”

All Access Film Music Showcase performances are open to the public, and there is no cover charge before 8 p.m.

“Since the concerts are held at the Spur, audience members need to be 21 or older,” Beck said.

On Sunday, Jan. 29, Access Film Music Showcase will host a closing hootenanny.

“All the musicians who are still in town get together and we have a jam session,” Beck said. “We set out some food and play acoustically all afternoon.”

That evening the jam sessions turn electric.

“Anyone who wants to bring an instrument to jam with us can do so,” Beck said. “We encourage amateurs and professionals to come join us.”


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