Alice Crosby celebrates 100th birthday — four days early |

Alice Crosby celebrates 100th birthday — four days early

On Thursday, April 30, the Park City Senior Center hosted a celebration.

Longtime Park City resident Alice Crosby celebrated her 100th birthday, albeit four days early.

Just as lunch was ending, Ralph Gates, a friend of Crosby stood to make an announcement.

"Hear ye! Hear ye all," he said. "A proclamation in honor of one Alice Catherine Crosby described by nonagenarians, octogenarians and even younger, who through the years have enjoyed her loving companionship and free spirit here at the Park City Senior Center on the occasion of her 100th birthday. This day shall be known as Alice Crosby Day, attested by one Judith Maedel, president of the Park City Senior Center."

Although Crosby was born on May 4, 1914, she enjoyed the early celebration.

"This is wonderful and I’ve always enjoyed coming to [the Senior Center,]" Crosby said during her birthday speech. "Now that the weather’s nice, I’ll be coming more regularly."

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The Senior Center’s guests cheered and sang "Happy Birthday," before Gates and Dan Schweikert, accompanied by Phyllis Nordstrom on the organ, serenaded Crosby with a rendition of "Alice Blue Gown," from Harry Tierney’s 1919 Broadway musical, "Irene."

"We get the opportunity to exercise our vast experience faking it," Schweikert said. "The hit song was introduced from a musical that was [produced] four years after Alice was born."

It was again made famous by Frank Sinatra and the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra in 1940, Schweikert said.

During an interview with The Park Record, Crosby, who was born in Vancouver, B.C., and now lives in Elk Meadows, said she was blessed to have such a full life.

"It’s been up and down, like everybody," she said with a smile. "I love this. It’s very nice and the people are nice here."

When asked about her secret to longevity, she smiled and said, "I’m just living the good life."

Greg Friedman, who first met Crosby eight years when he was president of the Claim Jumpers Homeowners Association, stopped to wish her a happy birthday.

"I’ve always looked forward to visiting with Alice," Friedman said. "I have been looking forward to her 100th birthday for some time. I’m excited to celebrate with her."