Alpine Distilling’s American Whiskey makes its debut |

Alpine Distilling’s American Whiskey makes its debut

Park City spirit maker showcases its latest offering

Rob Sergent, managing director at Alpine Distilling, poses for a photo with the local company's American Whiskey. The whiskey is a blend of an aged Kentucky straight bourbon and a single malt distilled in Park City.
Tanzi Propst/Park Record

Park City’s Alpine Distilling has set itself apart in the world of spirits. In addition to being proud Parkites, co-founders Rob and Sara Sergent have established their whiskey and gin offerings as among the best around. Rob’s whiskeys have received recognition at U.S. competitions, and he is quick to point out that Sara’s gins have received worldwide acclaim.

Now, Alpine is introducing something new: Alpine American Whiskey.

Rob said his American Whiskey was a natural next step for Alpine.

“I felt that there was an opportunity in crafting a whiskey that highlighted the most popular flavor profiles that seasoned drinkers enjoyed in bourbon with some additional flavors to improve the finish from our single malt, formally known as Traveler’s Rest,” he said.

Discerning whiskey drinkers will appreciate the depth of the drink, Rob said.

“It’s an exciting take on some of the more approachable flavor notes,” he said. “Popcorn, butterscotch, vanilla with carefully curated application of the malt blend to bring in mocha notes, banana and a buttery, soft finish.”

Why the name Alpine American Whiskey? Alpine Distilling offers whiskey, which Rob handles, and gin, created by Sara. They have an Alpine Gin and, simply put, they felt it was time to have an Alpine Whiskey.

“As the master distiller at Alpine, the one responsible for the final spirit, we felt it was time to claim the area which I most shape,” he said. “Similar to what Sara has done with our gins.”

Alpine Distilling introduced its new Alpine American Whiskey — and new bottle packaging — earlier this month.
Photo submitted by Alpine Distilling

Rob said he is proud of the results with American Whiskey, and sees it as a nod to his roots as much as to himself.

“I operate daily with pictures of my Kentucky family watching every move,” he said. “Thinking about how my great-grandfather would have managed his process is a huge inspiration to make sure that every move is calculated, thoughtful and executed to perfection.”

Alpine American Whiskey and Alpine Gin also represent a change for Alpine Distilling, with new packaging that Rob said has been well-received by their customers.

“American and the Alpine Gin are a part of new packaging, which for the first time reflect the values we carry as Park City residents, business owners and parents,” he said. “The response has been very supportive and we are grateful for the chance to produce world-class spirits that capture the ‘spirit’ of our little mountain town.”

About American Whiskey

Serious whiskey drinkers will want to know more about what to expect, and for them, Rob laid out the details:

Alpine American Whiskey is a blend of an aged Kentucky straight bourbon and Park City single malt.

The Kentucky bourbon is sourced from a reputable distillery and arrives 5 to 7 years old to Alpine’s specifications. The Park City single malt is an extension of Alpine’s Traveler’s Rest single malt whiskey, which is now used exclusively for this blend, adding mocha, banana and an “earthy” finish.

The whiskey has notes of molasses, brown sugar, cocoa, vanilla, almond, toffee, hazelnut, pear, marzipan, fruitcake, green apple, ripe banana and oak.

Its “palate,” or initial taste flavor, includes caramel, butterscotch, demerara sugar, ginger, cinnamon, raisin, dried fruit, sugar cane, pepper, sweet malt and biscuit.

Finally, the “buttery, complex, soft and delicate” finish includes vanilla, mocha, leather, popcorn and dark chocolate.

Rob said Alpine American Whiskey has an approachable flavor profile that is accessible to new brown spirit drinkers, perfect for classic cocktails and complex enough for seasoned palates.

“We focus on delightful aromas, controlling the initial vanilla and caramel sweetness, adding spice to the middle and finishing with a soft, rich mouthfeel,” he said.

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