Amber Moore-Barcus’ Dahlia Mist creations will show at Artique |

Amber Moore-Barcus’ Dahlia Mist creations will show at Artique

Friday marks California transplant's first show in Utah

Amber Moore-Barcus, whose hand-made works are presented under the name Dahlia Mist, moved to Francis from Ben Lomond, California, a year and half ago. (Courtesy of Amber Moore-Barcus

Artisans and other crafty people face an array of challenges that range from the creative process to the business side of their livelihood and hobbies.

Amber Moore-Barcus’ challenge is more unique. She’s colorblind.

“Yes, I am,” Moore-Barcus said with a laugh during an interview with The Park Record. “Thankfully the colorblindness isn’t the typical red and green, and is much more mild. So, everything I make tends to feature strong colors and jewel tones, because those are the colors I see well and enjoy.”

Moore-Barcus, who designs quilts, art-supply bags, clothing and jewelry under the name Dahlia Mist, will be this month’s First Friday Opening’s featured artist from 6-9 p.m. on Oct. 6, at Artique, 283 N. Main St. in Kamas.

This is the first show Moore-Barcus has done since moving to Francis from Ben Lomond,

“I moved here from the Santa Cruz Mountains about a year and a half ago and had been
going to [Artique],” she said. “A couple of weeks ago, I introduced myself and asked [owner Katie Stellpflug] how she selected artists to sell things there.”

The two talked for a while and Stellpflug said this month’s exhibit would be perfect.

“I’ve been making things since I was a little kid, and in fact, my first quilt was finished on my 16th birthday,” Moore-Barcus said. “So this has been an active parts of my life. I knit and sew, and when my kids want something, they’ll ask me to make it.”

Moore-Barcus also owned a fabric and yarn store in California for a few years.

“It was all because I always loved things like this,” she said.

Art bags will be among the hand-sewn items that Amber Moore-Barcus will show and sell during Artique’s First Friday opening this week. Moore-Barcus creates her works under the name of Dahlia Mist. (Courtesy of Amber Moore-Barcus)

Moore-Barcus doesn’t know how many items she will show at Artique, but said she will bring mostly her sewing.

“I will bring my quilts and artist bags, and also some of my women’s clothing that include some light, flowing tops,” she said. “I’m someone who like to layer the things I wear, and that reflects in my clothing design as well. I like things that are simple and light that can be worn in layers.

“This is something that I’ve been getting used to while living here. We have definitive seasons, which is so different than what I experiences living in California all my life where it’s like spring all the time.”

Moore-Barcus also makes unisex yoga lounge pants that she will show and sell.

“Eventually, I’ll bring in some more knitwear, which requires a little more time to do,” she said.

Next Spring, Moore-Barcus hopes to show some of her other accessories.

“I started beading and making jewelry in high school as well,” she said. “I make sea glass jewelry. After I collect the sea glass, I drill and shape it to fit the designs.”

In addition to her mild colorblindness, Moore-Barcus said another challenge for her relying on her drawing skills to design an item.

“I’m always drawing something up, even though I’m terrible at drawing,” she said with a laugh. “But I do draw my own patterns and designs.”

Another challenge is setting aside the time to be creative.

“Working, having kids and doing the day-top-day things keeps me busy,” she said.

Still, when Moore-Barcus does make the time, she enjoys all aspects of the creative process.

“I like taking the traditional quilting aspect and bring in my own flair, mixed with modernism,” she said. “I get a lot of my inspirations from nature and the shapes I see. I like finding ways to do something that someone else has done before.”

She also likes completing a project.

“That’s funny because I’m great at starting things, but finishing things isn’t always something I’m good at doing,” Moore-Barcus said with another laugh. “I also I also love the joy of people when are able to have something I’ve made that’s has a different mix of colors and textures that are a little different from the run-of-the-mill items.”

She is happy to schedule a show on Friday and hopes people will like what they see.

“I’ve done First Fridays before where I lived previously, but this will be my first time here,” she said. “I’m looking forward to it.”

The hand-sewn clothes and artists’ bags of Dahlia Mist will be featured starting from 6-9 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 6, at Artique, 283 N. Main St. in Kamas, for this month’s First Friday Opening. For information, visit this website.

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