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B.D. Howes Band looking forward to Park Silly return

Scott Iwasaki
The B.D. Howes Band, from left, bassist Chris Schell, drummer Dylyn Boswell, vocalist and guitarist Brad Howes and lead guitarist Chris Hamilton, has performed at the Park Silly Sunday Market since its humble beginnings. The band will return on June 22 for a show on the Main Stage. (Photo by Teresa Howes)

The B.D. Howes Band has performed all over Utah since the 1990s.

The rock ‘n’ roll group, which now features guitarist and singer Brad Howes, lead guitarist Chris Hamilton, bassist Chris Schell and drummer Dylyn Boswell, has entertained crowds in St. George, Salt Lake City, Snowbasin, Helper and Moab.

It has also performed all around Park City including Deer Valley, the Park City Kimball Arts Festival and at the Park Silly Sunday Market.

The Salt Lake-based band will return to Park Silly’s Main Stage on June 22 and Howes is looking forward to it because the gig has become a tradition for the band.

"We’ve been with Park Silly since the beginning and I think we’ve done it every year, if I remember right," Howes said during an interview with The Park Record. "We started with the acoustic thing, and they changed it to amplified systems and found a happy medium."

Howes said he has seen the market evolve over the years.

"At first, it was like a circus event with stuff scattered everywhere," he said. "I welcomed it because it was so unique, but I would imagine it was chaotic as well."

The singer said he enjoys the atmosphere and people.

"You see people from all walks of life and it’s quite a fashion show and everyone is making statements," he said. "Even the dogs are in on the fun."

Howes also likes the spontaneity of the event.

"It’s different every time and there is no predictability about it," he said with a laugh. "If you’re a visitor, it’s an unexpected experience that just happens. You have to be there to understand it. I mean it’s a market and an arts festival."

The band members already have a feel for what they’re going to play on Sunday.

"We will stick to original tunes," Howes said. "The biggest reason to do that is because the people who come to the market who don’t know who I am haven’t heard those songs before.

"I would also hope that those who have heard me before and are familiar with my music will be happy to see us and sing along," he said. "That’s really encouraging to us."

The band will not perform any new songs, because they aren’t ready for public presentation, he said.

"We will, however, start working on a new album soon, once we have some down time," Howes said.

During rehearsals, the band continues to practice the emotion and presentation of the music and lyrics.

"I try to articulate the words so they can be heard properly and I try to get the sound levels and mixes to a reasonable rate," Howes said.

Another reason Howes enjoys playing in Park City is the professionalism of the sound engineers, who are provided by Mountain Town Music.

"One of the difficult parts about playing at any festival is getting the sound right," he said. "You’re used to playing at a certain level at home, and if you play a place with a different system, you will always have to make an adjustment.

"That’s what we work on," Howes said. "We try to practice and play acoustically when we practice at home, so when we do get to a show and they give us the amplification, we’re ready to go."

Howes said he enjoys playing live because he can connect with the audience.

"It’s all about the interaction," he said. "All of the people who come to see us are receptive to the music and encouraging.

"I think that tendency comes from them recognizing how hard we work on our music. They honor that and if they like you they’ll follow you."

Howes also likes that people around the state use his music to connect with each other.

"When we go out and play a certain area like Helper, the audience there knows that we’ve played Park City and they feel a kinship with Park City," he said. "The same happens when we play St. George and Snowbasin. I like that we’re all part of this great state and we’re all together. I love Utah and the people here."

The B.D. Howes Band will play the Park Silly Sunday Market’s Main Stage at 11 a.m. on June 22. The market runs every Sunday through Sept. 21. Hours are 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Tony Holiday & The Velvetones at 2 p.m. Miners Park entertainment will be the Tim Daniels Trio at 1:30 p.m. and Claude Bourbon at 3:30 p.m. For more information, visit parksillysundaymarket.com.