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‘Barn Soiree’ will raise cash for kids

Rich Wyman will perform at the benefit concert along with Treat Williams and Air Supply's Graham Russell.

After Rich Wyman recently observed his children exhausting their efforts with Boy Scout fundraisers, a light bulb lit up his cranium.

He has been actively involved in the community since he moved here 15 years ago.

"I’m possessed by some evil or good spirit, I’m not sure," Wyman said.

This time, he has put an idea into action by having the Boy Scouts organize a non-profit concert to benefit the National Ability Center (NAC) and Arts-Kids. All the proceeds will go directly to those programs. The Boy Scouts will also earn credit toward merit badges. The concert will feature Wyman, Treat Williams and Air Supply’s Graham Russell. The band D.O.B., Air Supply’s rhythm section and additional guitars from Salt Lake City will back up the singers. The benefit concert will be held 7:30 p.m. at the NAC barn on June 3. Arts-Kids will also hold silent auctions for a painting by Bill Kranstover and one by Claire Dunaway.

"The original idea came from the scouts because both of my kids are in scouts," Wyman said. "As a musician who’s doing a lot of touring, I thought how great it would be to get the scouts involved. I wanted to get them involved to learn promotion and I wanted them to see how much work is involved, not to raise money for themselves, but completely for NAC and Arts Kids. That was my initial idea and it turned out that the scouts didn’t want any money, they were just interested in helping the community."

The scouts will be involved in all the aspects of organizing the concert from setting up the show to tearing it down. Wyman said he hopes the scouts will never look at a concert the same way again.

"I’m always trying to think of ways that help the community," Wyman said. "I was also looking to do something to help the NAC and the NAC got Arts-Kids involved."

When the idea surfaced, he had just completed a tour with Air Supply and a gig with Treat Williams. He contacted them and they agreed to perform at the concert.

"This is not a political cause, it’s 100 percent positive," Wyman said. "Treat and Graham live in the area, it’s a great benefit for two non-profits in the area to have celebrities of their stature. All three of us are donating 100 percent of our time," Wyman said.

The NAC sees the concert as a huge benefit for kids in the community.

"What we decided to do with the money that is raised, with this concert, is to have money available to any child in the Park City area, for any kid that wants to go to camp, we will give scholarships until the money is gone. The community has been so good to us and we wanted to give back to the community on this one,"

said Meeche White, the chief executive officer and founder of NAC.

For Wyman, this concert is one-of-a-kind. He rarely plays in a setting such as this one will be.

"I went out to check out the venue last night," he said on Friday, "and it really struck me what a unique place for a concert. I’ve never done a concert in a horse barn before. It’s really beautiful with lots of places for kids to run around. The horse barn itself is really beautiful. It’s a unique place."

Playing in the NAC horse barn is vastly different from the clubs where he usually performs.

"It’s all ages," Wyman said. "In a club it’s 21 and over. This is great because each group gets involved."

Wyman and the non-profit organizations are hoping to see over 400 people in the barn. They have all worked hard on the project to make it successful.

"I want a sellout," Wyman said. "It’s not only a good cause but it’s a great event. I’m very excited; locally I’m pretty hands on. It’s almost like making an album, when I’m finished doing it I swear I’m never doing it again."

The NAC, Arts-Kids and the Boy Scouts of America are sponsoring "The Barn Soiree" June 3 at 7:30 p.m. The concert will feature Wyman, Treat Williams and Air Supply’s Graham Russell. The band D.O.B., Air Supply’s rhythm section and additional guitars from Salt Lake City will back up the singers. All proceeds will go to scholarships for the NAC and Arts-Kids. Tickets are $20, $25 at the door and $10 for kids under 15 years old. Tickets will be available at the NAC ranch, the Spotted Frog, Dolly’s bookstore and Orion’s Music Shop. For more information call (435) 649-3991.

Arts-Kids is a non-profit organization that provides children with opportunities to expand their creativity by learning the arts. They will have different programs and camps throughout the summer. Scholarships may be available to students. For more information on Arts-Kids call (435) 615-7878

The NAC is a non-profit organization that provides kids and disabled adults the opportunities to compete in sports programs. They may also have scholarships available to students. For more information on the NAC call (435) 615-7878.

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