Basin Rec helps resident get buffed out for new year |

Basin Rec helps resident get buffed out for new year

Kristen Gould Case, Park Record guest writer

In the last three weeks, I’ve been Zumba’d, TRX’d, muscled-up, kick-boxed, barred and shavasaned. I’ve had my "booty" burned and rolled, Jamaican style. Actually, I never really noticed my "booty" until now that I can hardly walk across the room without those glute muscles announcing their presence. All of this good-natured torture comes at the hands of the energetic folks at Basin Recreation.

I don’t know why the ad for the "Healthy Holidays Challenge" caught my eye. I’m ashamed to say, I’m one of the few Park City women who don’t "work out" (not since aerobics class at then-Prospector Athletic Club back in the day when we wore leotards and legwarmers. I shudder at the thought.) Anyway, my desk job has contributed to increasing softness of the middle-aged frame, and I felt I needed something to motivate myself and do the respectable Park City thing and at least try to get my physique ski-season ready.

The Challenge made it tolerable. I signed up to complete 10 different fitness classes at the Fieldhouse between December 1st and 24th (with a punch card, only $5/class). Anyone who completes the 10 classes in that time gets entered into a drawing for a year’s worth of free workouts and classes. Basin Rec Program Coordinator Kelly Isleib says, "This challenge is a way to give back to our community since it’s free other than the small class fee. We wanted to get people in to try something different and to have fun." Over 60 brave Parkites are giving it a shot. "You might not love every class you take," says Isleib, "but it’s always a fun experience; our instructors enjoy seeing new faces in their classes; and you might find something new that you really like."

I figured that even if I only made it to a few classes, I had nothing to lose but atrophied muscle. I dragged friends along with me. We giggled our way through Zumba class, not knowing the hip-swaying moves, but jogging in place until we could catch up with the flow. I grew up taking ballet, so love the sliding of toes across the sheen of polished wood floors, (the fieldhouse’s recently renovated studios are beautiful!), so thought the Barre class could be fun. Unfortunately, my old pliés weren’t quite good enough to keep up with what I would describe as "ballet on steroids." It was a great workout, though, and I loved watching the good dancers in the class strut their stuff. (I was not one of them). In TRX, we used straps to do exercises against our own body weight at our own pace. Planks and lunges don’t feel quite so bad when you have the straps to support you. I only got stuck twice not being able to extricate myself from the straps (tricep failure!). My kind classmates rescued me.

Kickboxing: Wow. Am I out of shape. Muscle Up: Loved this combination of step, hand weights, floor exercises and man, I feel my abs. Yoga: You get to lie down at the end and breathe. This is most excellent. Dance Hall: Our instructor had an entire class of middle aged women rolling our pelvises like Elvises. Booty Burn: Can you say lunges? I feel like I could be an Olympic downhiller now. Yea, baby.

Never have I had so much fun working out. I’m so busy enjoying the variations of each class that I forget I’m exercising. To all of the patient instructors who enthusiastically put up with newbies like myself this month, messing up your dance routines and wearing Grateful Dead T-shirts instead of cool Lycra workout clothes, thank you.

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Even when the "challenge" ends, all of these affordable and terrific classes are offered year long, so you can challenge yourself any time. Happy holidays (and a buff core) to all.

Fitness Class Descriptions

  • Kickboxing:This unique workout sculpts the muscles of the arms, legs, butt and abs, while teaching you a skill you can use to defend yourself.
  • Zumba:Class that combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations. A fusion of Latin and international music with dance themes that create a dynamic and effective fitness system.
  • Muscle-Up:A weight-lifting class using various equipment including weights, resistance bands, stability balls and more. Each muscle group is targeted to help you transform your body into a fat-burning machine.
  • Booty Burn:A great way to burn calories while working your larger muscle groups. Be ready to feel the burn and focus on that lower body.
  • Got Barre:A fun cardio dance class centered on ballet-type fitness training. Benefits include inches lost, leaner muscles, toned core, hips, legs, arms and shoulders.
  • TRX:Suspension training body weight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. You’re in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise because you can adjust your body positions to add or decrease resistance.
  • Dance Hall: Learn exotic dance moves that will decorate any dance floor. Stay fit while burning calorie and skipping the monotony of the treadmill.

For a complete schedule of Basin Recreation classes, see, 435-655-0999.

Source: Basin Recreation