Alky Alky – Director: Axel Ranisch; Screenwriters: Heiko Pinkowski, Axel Ranisch, Peter Trabner

(Germany) North American Premiere

Tobias and DeBottle are classic cases of arrested development – one knows his lifelong relationship with the other is no longer good for him, but it’s already too late in this boozy tale of revelry and reality.

Cast: Heiko Pinkowski, Peter Trabner, Christina Große, Thorsten Merten, Iris Berben, Oliver Korittke

Excursions – Director: Daniel Martinico; Screenwriters: Hugo Armstrong, Daniel Martinico

(USA) World Premiere

During an idyllic weekend getaway in the woods, two couples partake in a series of ritualistic purges that unleash their primal selves.

Cast: Jacqueline Wright, Hugo Armstrong, Mandy Freund, Cody Henderson

How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town – Director & Screenwriter: Jeremy LaLonde

(Canada) US Premiere

When a famous sex columnist attempts to host an orgy with old high school acquaintances in her conservative hometown, keeping secrets becomes the least of her problems.

Cast: Jewel Staite, Ennis Esmer, Lauren Lee Smith, Katharine Isabelle, Mark O’Brien, Jonas Chernick, Kristian Bruun, Tommie-Amber Pirie

My Enemies – Director: Stéphane Géhami; Screenwriters: Stéphane Géhami, Héloïse Masse

(Canada) US Premiere

Furious after losing his girlfriend and his publishing deal, Cédric, a young novelist, is captivated by the piano playing of Isabelle, a much older alcoholic living in a home full of lost souls.

Cast: Louise Marleau, Frédéric Lemay, Hubert Proulx, Jean-François Casabonne, Étienne Pilon, Maxime Gaudette, Francis La Haye, Maxime Mailloux

The Successor – Director: Mattia Epifani; Screenwriters: Mattia Epifani, Francesco Lefons

(Italy) North American Premiere

A former arms manufacturer travels to Bosnia to reflect upon the legacy of the land-mine business he inherited from his father and pay penance for the destruction it caused.

Cast: Vito Alfieri Fontana, Nijaz Memic, Senaid Abdihodeic, Rarija Besic

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