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‘Blood & Oil’ is a bust as ABC cuts episode order

The "Blood & Oil" well has run dry.

ABC Entertainment Group announced that it will stop production on its new drama "Blood & Oil" sometime in December, but will show the remaining episodes in order.

"The series will continue to air and we can confirm the episode order had been reduced from 13 to 10," the statement read. "There is no further comment beyond that at this time."

"Blood & Oil" stars Chace Crawford and Rebecca Rittenhouse as newlyweds Billy and Cody LeFever, who want to cash in on an oil boom in North Dakota. Rounding out the cast is Don Johnson as oil baron Hap Briggs.

The series, which airs Sundays at 8 p.m., has filmed at the No Name Saloon, up and down Main Street, in Brown’s Canyon, at the Park City Film Studios and in the private sector.

The cancellation means that in a few weeks, local residents will no longer have to accommodate the filming. However, the lack of inconvenience does come with a price, said Marshall Moore, the Park City Film Studios’ vice president of marketing and public relations for the studios.

Film crews had been renting hotel rooms, buying food and even lumber from local businesses and private residences, he said.

As for the film studios themselves, Moore said they are on the lookout for their next client.

"We’re going to find someone who is ready to use the building," Moore told The Park Record. "That’s how it works. In this industry, everything has an end date. You just don’t know when those will come. So you have to be prepared to find someone else."

Moore also said that beyond the news that "Blood & Oil" has cut back its episode order, no other information has been relayed.

"We’ll probably know more in a week or two," he said.

In the meanwhile, Moore will fly to Los Angeles next week to attend a series of meetings that were scheduled a few months ago.

"We were already planning to let everyone out there know the studio is open and it will be available to use in the future," he said. "The strategy has always been to stay relevant and active in pursuing what’s next and who’s next."

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