BMI music will present its annual Snowball at Sundance |

BMI music will present its annual Snowball at Sundance

Throughout the years, BMI music has presented performances of new and iconic singers, songwriters and musicians at the Sundance Film Festival during the BMI Snowball.

The impressive list includes Donovan, Rodriguez, Terence Blanchard, Keb’ Mo’, Michael Penn, Minnie Driver, Los Lobos, Cheap Trick, Devo, Beck, Joan Osborne, Adam Duritz, Death Cab for Cutie and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Percy Sledge.

This year, the Snowball will feature multi-platinum-selling singer and songwriter Christina Perri and alt-folk group HoneyHoney.

"I was very excited to be asked to perform," Perri said during a telephone interview with The Park Record from Los Angeles. "I have, in fact, never been to Sundance before. I’ve heard about it every year and knew it was a spectacular event and that people loved going.

"I hoped that one day something would come up like this, and even though I didn’t know what the music events were like, I always dreamed of them," she said. "So, when BMI asked me to do the show, I said yes before I knew what it was."

The BMI Snowball is a platform for BMI to showcase their artists during the Sundance Film Festival.

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One reason for Perri’s excitement was because BMI selected her out of all of the artists on the music-publishing company’s roster.

"We have a sweet relationship and they have been such a supportive family for me since day one," Perri said. "I’ve done many things with them before, and the fact that I would be representing them at Sundance and doing this event was really magical."

Another reason the singer wanted to do the show was because of the singers who have performed in the past.

"I’ve heard that they’ve had some of the most wonderful performers do this event," she said. "I mean, Adam Duritz from the Counting Crows is one of my heroes, and the rest of the list is insane."

Thirdly, she is looking forward to seeing HoneyHoney.

"I know they will also play that night with me and they’re great friends of mine," Perri said. "We toured together all summer. I took them on my ‘LoveStrong’ tour, so this will be a reunion for us kids."

Regardless of the excitement, Perri doesn’t know what to expect.

"I do know that I’m honored to get to play a bunch of songs for this event and looking forward to seeing what it will be like," she said.

Perri, 28, began writing her own songs when she was 15 and that was after two years of studying one of pop music’s most important band, The Beatles.

"[They] were definitely a foundation for me," she said. "I first heard them when I was 13, and between then and when I turned 15 I went to the School of Beatles.

"I listened to every single song and dissected every single lyric and became the biggest little Beatles nerd," Perri said. "I wore braids in my hair and tie-dye under my school uniform."

To her, The Beatles are the best love-song writers of all time.

"That’s why I write love songs.," she said.

Perri’s other influences include Jason Mraz, whom she has toured with, and Coldplay.

"I continue to be a giant fan of songwriters," she said.

Perri, known for her hits "Jar of Hearts," "Arms" and "A Thousand Years," was a waitress before she was discovered.

"It was like the old days," she said. "Someone found me because of a little song I wrote and signed me up.

"I didn’t have a direction or band. I just wrote songs in my bedroom and the only thing I really had was the song ‘Jar of Hearts,’" Perri explained. "I like ballads, string and piano, so all I had to do was promote that song for awhile. While I did that, I dove into more production."

The past few years have flown by and Perri has emerged as a vibrant new artist.

"I can truly say that I never felt like I strayed from a certain amount of authenticity," she said. "I have grown older in the past five years, and [impoved] in ways that I thought I would.

"I have experimented with different sounds, and I don’t feel like I’ve gotten stuck," Perri said. "I do feel like I have a niche. My two best-selling songs are ballads, and at the same time, I have a lot of fun experimenting as a writer and musician."

She credits her team and record label – Atlantic Records – for her success.

"They trusted me," she said. "I know that’s not the case for a lot of musicians, so I feel lucky.

"It’s like I’m Cinderella and this dream came true," Perri said. "Every now and then I would come out of these dreamlike situations — I sang with Jason Mraz and talked with Paul McCartney. These dreams are coming true in front of me and I’m still trying to believe it."

The Sundance Film Festival and BMI will present the BMI Snowball with Christina Perri and HoneyHoney, on Wednesday, Jan. 28, at the Sundance House, 638 Park Ave., at 8 p.m. The event is open to Sundance Film Festival credential holders as space allows. For more information, visit .