Cage will release new and award-winning songs at O.P. Rockwell |

Cage will release new and award-winning songs at O.P. Rockwell

Scott Iwasaki

It’s been quite the year for Park City-based singer and songwriter Robyn Cage.

Last fall, she released her record "Tales of a Thief" and premiered a couple of music videos, including the one for "Theater Noir" back in July.

Earlier this month, Cage won the Best Alternative Song Utah Music Award for the title track of her upcoming full-length album, "Born in the Desert," and released a video for the song on Sept. 23. On Friday, Oct. 2, Cage will perform a CD-release party at O.P. Rockwell.

The Park Record sat down with the busy Cage last week to talk about these events.

The Utah Music Awards were held in the Covey Center for the Performing Arts in Provo on Sept. 12, but Cage knew about her nomination in August.

"I was really excited for it, but also a little nervous because I was nominated for my song ‘Burning Now’ last year and didn’t win," Cage said with a laugh. "I didn’t want to go the awards and come back empty-handed again."

This year was different.

"I was backstage getting ready to present an award and I heard them call my name," she said. "I was wearing six-inch heels and that was fun, because I had to run from the dressing rooms up to the stage. So, I was totally breathless by the time I got up there."

Receiving the award felt good, Cage said.

"I haven’t technically released the song as a single, yet, but it’s one of my favorites from the album, she said. "In fact, it’s one of my favorites that I’ve ever done. So, I felt encouraged and [it was] validating that other people liked this song."

The idea for the song was a nod to events in Cage’s life.

"I used to live in New York and did the acting thing, but I ended up pursuing song writing when I moved back to Utah," she said. "I was originally born in Utah, which is in the desert, and I was artistically reborn in Utah when I came back."

The song had such meaning to Cage that she decided it would also be the title of her album.

"More than half of the songs on the record, I wrote during camping trips to Southern Utah," she said. "It was an artistic rebirth for me."

Cage worked with producer Dan Burns, who is known for his work with Lenka and Rachael Yamagata, on the album.

"Dan is awesome," Cage said. "He’s like a super-chill dude and I knew from the first conversation with him, he was probably the first person I would go with. We have the same philosophy behind the music. We believe the production and instrumentation should support the song."

Cage and Burns started recording the album in Los Angeles in May 2014 and finished seven months later.

"After I returned home to Utah, I wanted to add some vocal parts to the mixes, so I recorded those in Provo and sent them to Dan to be mixed in," Cage said.

Cage also worked with another producer, Darryl Neudorf, to finish some of the other songs on the album.

"When Dan was in Nashville working with Taylor Swift, I sent those other recordings to Darryl and he mixed them for me," Cage said. "So, it was a long and crazy process."

The singer and pianist is looking forward to the CD-release party at O.P. Rockwell, the venue where she filmed her video "Theatre Noir."

"O.P. Rockwell has been awesome," Cage said. "It has so much ambiance.

I’m lucky to have met Scott Thompson, who books the shows there, because he has helped me out enormously," she said "I approached him about the release party and he said, ‘We are your venue.’"

The night will open with Amanda Johnson, who is Cage’s guitarist.

"After she finishes up, the band Hectec Hobo will play," Cage said. "They are awesome and super fun."

Then Cage and her band — Johnson, bassist Collin Higgins and drummer Jarryd Wark — will play songs from "Born in the Desert."

Higgins and Wark are known for their work in Patwa Reggae Band.

"We may have some musical guests as well," Cage said.

The CD-release party, which will also feature opportunity drawings throughout the night, is also a fundraiser for Granger Music, a branch of Granger School of Music, located in Park City.

"All the musicians who will perform are all Granger artists and three of us are instructors at the school," Cage said. "This is a way for me to give back to them.

"Granger Music has created a web platform to connect artists, venues, music instructors and fans," Cage said "So all the members of the music community can network. We have several projects in the work, but we want to create a platform where independent musicians can get their original music recorded and videos shot and out into the world."

Robyn Cage will perform a CD-release concert at O.P. Rockwell, 268 Main St., on Friday, Oct. 2. Doors open at 7 p.m. Tickets are $7 and are available by visiting . "Born in the Desert" will be available at , and .

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