Climate change is the hot topic of discussion |

Climate change is the hot topic of discussion

Climate change is a hot topic, or a cool one, depending one’s political persuasion. However, according to NASA, 97 percent of the world’s scientists agree Earth’s climate is warming and that’s what the Citizen’s Climate Lobby wants people to know.

To help do so, CCL will host a free presentation by physicist Robert Davies of the Utah Climate Center, at the Park City Library’s Jim Santy Auditorium, 1255 Park Ave., on Sunday, July 17, at 6:30 p.m.

Davies will present “Iceberg Dead Ahead! Climate Collision or Course Correction: Two Decades that Will Change the World.”

“[One] thing Rob will address will be about some local icebergs,” said Judd Werner, co-leader of the Park City and Wasatch Back branch of the Citizen’s Climate Lobby. “We are the Titanic and he will tell what icebergs are ahead for Utah, Park City and Summit County. He’ll talk about what the climate models are predicting.”

Davies will also talk about the carbon budget that scientists use to show how much more CO2 can be put in the atmosphere and still hold the increase in global average temperature below two degrees Celsius, Werner said.

“This is an educational opportunity about climate change,” said Werner “He will give a frank and inspirational look at what science has to say about the path to meaningful course correction in the fate of Earth’s rapidly changing climate.”

Werner also emphasized that the event is not a “cheerleading session that was organized by a bunch of radical environmentalists.”

“The presentation is for people who have heard about climate science and those who don’t understand climate science and may be confused about what they have heard or read in the news,” he said. “We want to give these people an opportunity to hear the truth from an expert in the field.”

Werner said the goal was to create an event where anyone, regardless of their stance or opinion about climate change, would feel comfortable attending.

“We want people to understand is that Citizens’ Climate Lobby is not a political organization,” he said. “We are committed to working with the governmental representatives that are already in place. We don’t endorse any particular party. We decline to align with any political candidates.

“The truth is that while it has been made into a political issue, the fact of the matter is that people’s opinion doesn’t change the laws of physics,” Werner said.

Werner, an engineer who worked for Chevron Corporation, is the co-producer of the event.

“The idea came to me three months ago when I attended a climate and health symposium sponsored by the Salt Lake County Health Department,” he said. “Rob spoke and the whole time he was speaking, I thought to myself that Utah is so lucky to have a resource who is both so knowledgeable in his field and has the ability to express that knowledge to the common person.

“I thought the perfect activity to kick off our Citizens’ Climate Lobby chapter in Park City would be to see if Rob would come and speak and help people get up to speed in climate change.”

The Citizens’ Climate Lobby work to influence the U.S. Congress to pass a revenue-neutral fee on carbon, which is known as the Carbon Fee and Dividend, according to Werner.

The Carbon Fee and Dividend is the climate change solution created by the Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) to account for the costs of burning fossil fuels, and within 20 years, Carbon Fee and Dividend will reduce greenhouse gas emissions 52 percent below the 1990 levels, while growing the economy and saving lives, he said.

“The reason why we promote Carbon Fee and Dividend is because we believe it’s the best, if not the only way, to accelerate the clean-energy transformation into a time frame that complies with the International Panel on Climate Change scenario.”

The Park City and Wasatch Back branch of the Climate Citizens’ Lobby will host a free presentation by physicist Robert Davies of the Utah Climate Center, at the Park City Library’s Jim Santy Auditorium, 1255 Park Ave., on Sunday, July 17, at 6:30 p.m. For more information about the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, visit

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