Colbie Caillat brings ‘The Malibu Sessions’ to Park City |

Colbie Caillat brings ‘The Malibu Sessions’ to Park City

A little more than three years ago, pop singer and songwriter and guitarist Colbie Caillat recorded an 11-track album in Malibu that was supposed to be called “Gypsy Heart.”

However, the record label she was on at the time shelved it, so Caillat recorded a whole new “Gypsy Heart” album that was released officially as “Gypsy Heart.” But she still wanted to release that Malibu album.

So, Caillat left the label and started her own and released “The Malibu Sessions” last week.

Park City will get the opportunity to hear all of the songs from the album played live when Caillat performs at the Eccles Center for the Performing Arts on Friday, Oct. 14.

The concert is the latest stop on her fully acoustic tour.

“This is my first acoustic tour that I have every gone out on,” Caillat told The Park Record during a phone call from Saratoga, California. “In addition to playing ‘The Malibu Sessions’ in its entirety, I will also play some hits that people know as well.”

Caillat said she wanted her fans to enjoy a true listening experience with this tour.

“I wanted it to be a very intimate, personal story-telling night,” she said.

The Grammy Award-nominated singer said she loves playing acoustically.

“I can hear myself better,” she explained. “When you’re with an electric band, there is so much going on that you have earphones that kind of separates you from having direct communication on stage, and I feel it blocks you from the audience.

“So, for this acoustic tour, we have speakers in front of us and we play in small theaters, where everyone is sitting down ready to watch a show,” she said. “It feels so good to sing in that setting, and I don’t want to hide behind instruments. I want to respond to what I hear in the audience.”

“The Malibu Sessions,” which was released on Caillat’s PlummyLou Records, was recorded in a beach house.

“We recorded 29 songs and I narrowed them down to the 11 that are on the album,” Caillat said. “I always knew what order I wanted them to run. It starts with ocean waves and ends with ocean waves and the songs all flow with each other.”

The title has another meaning for Caillat.

“I was born and raised in Malibu and the album cover is a picture I took on one of our beach walks,” she said. “The back cover is a picture of me that my producer took after one of the sessions.”

She and her musicians and producers were heartbroken when the record label at the time didn’t want to release it.

“We loved how the songs came out,” she said. “We had spent two months recording this record and we put so much love and emotion into it, so to have it shelved for a few years was sad.”

Part of the excitement about the album was how personal the songs were to Caillat.

“It’s not hard for me to get personal in the songs, which is surprising for me because I’m super reserved in person,” she said. “I’m not good at awkward and intimate conversations. I’m nonconfrontational and would rather suck it up rather than say something.

“However, for some reason, I feel like I can let things out in songwriting,” Caillat said. “I’ve never been nervous about people hearing my songs, even when I wrote romantic songs. I don’t get worried when I play the songs for my parents or play the songs for my fiancé. It feels like I’m saying something that I’ve always wanted to say without having to say it in front of you.”

Caillat said she wanted to be a singer from the time she was 11.

“I just wanted to sing and didn’t think I wanted to be a songwriter or care to play an instrument,” she said with a laugh. “My parents, who were in the music industry, told me that it would be better for me if I could accompany myself with an instrument, and said they would put me in piano and guitar lessons and vocal lessons so I would have the right tools to focus and excel and become an artist myself.”

Caillat brushed them off until she was 19.

“That’s when I took my first guitar lesson,” she said. “I learned four chords and went home and wrote my first song. It was so cool to do that because I had seen guitars all over my house and wasn’t able to do anything with them until then.”

During the recording sessions for her debut album “Coco,” which came out in 2007 and featured the hits “Bubbly,” “Realize” and “The Little Things,” Caillat recorded that first song.

“We recorded it just for fun and because my dad wanted it recorded,” she said. “I have it somewhere, but it never fit any album I’ve done. It’s so different because it’s like a country-folk song. I do want to release it someday, I just don’t know when.”

The Park City Institute presents singer and songwriter Colbie Caillat at the Eccles Center for the Performing Arts, 1750 Kearns Blvd., on Friday, Oct. 14, at 7:30 p.m. Caillat, known best for her hit “Bubbly,” has released a new album “The Malibu Sessions,” which she will play in its entirety. Main floor tickets are available for $60. For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit

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