Colby Project plans some healthy activities for the community |

Colby Project plans some healthy activities for the community

Some positive energy is emitting from the former Colby School property and Emma Worsley and Julie McBroom wants to share a little with the community.

Worsley and McBroom, native Australians who have lived in Park City for four years, purchased the Colby property last December and are planning to redevelop the entire property.

"We’re still in the process of getting our permits to find out what we are allowed to do on the property, but we are wanting it to be a hub and energy center focused around social connection, wellness and fitness for the community," McBroom said. "So in the interim, we are going to share what we call the Colby Project, which is a collection of local businesses that deal in wellness, fitness and social connection that will host pop-up events that will filter into the greater vision in the end."

The first event, the Spirits & Spirits Costume Ball, will be held Saturday at O.P. Rockwell at 8 p.m., with music provided by Rage Against the Supremes.

"We have partnered with Scott Thomson [the venue’s event coordinator] and planned an event that will feature a costume contest and killer cocktails," McBroom said. "It’s not a fundraiser, but a kick-off social event that will introduce the Colby Project to the community."

"We’re working on our costumes at the moment," added Worsley.

Admission prices are $59 for those who want drinks and $45 for those who don’t.

The second event, Health and Happy Hour open house, will be held at the Colby property, 3770 S.R. 224, on Tuesday from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m.

"This is a free event where people can drop in and experience some yoga, some fitness and pilates," McBroom said. "Everybody will experience the movement and activity for the first hour and then we’re opening it up for more of a social event for the next hour to talk about what we’re going to offer when we open."

Whitney White Kozlowski from Beau Collective will offer some fitness sessions. Yoga sessions will be run by Caitlin Wyman from TRIBE Yoga and Brooke Benton and Worsley will run a pilates session.

"We are going to open our pilates studio at the Colby property in November, so we wanted to showcase that in the Health and Happy Hour," Worsley said.

Tuesday’s event will also feature some prizes and healthy food samples.

"My Liquid Garden is going to be there giving out samples and we will offer other give aways including ski gear and such," Worsley said. "We’re also going to give away passes for different classes we have planned."

One of those classes is Mindful Mondays, according to McBroom.

"These are workshops for women who can take time out of their busy lives to reflect on what’s working and what’s not," she said.

Another class is called the New Moms Circle for women transitioning into motherhood.

"This five-week workshop will include pilates, which will be centered around pelvic floor rehabilitation," McBroom said.

Every week McBroom and Worsley will bring different guest speakers in to talk about issues relevant to new mothers.

"I mean three months after they give birth to those babies, their whole world is turned upside down," Worsley said. "We’ve been there. We’ve got four children each."

In Australia, the hospital assigns every new mother a new mothers’ group, Worsley said.

"You’re in a room full of new moms and you talk about all the things new moms face and you learn about everything from postpartum depression to immunizations," she said. "It’s also a way for new moms to get out of the house, having a coffee and seeing everyone else has crazy hair and whatever it is running down their shirts."

McBloom and Worsley are looking forward to sharing these events with Park City.

"We’ve been excited to create something here that we have been missing from home," Worsley said. "We miss having a place to go where we could feel inspired, move our bodies and minds and connect with other people. The property has a lovely energy and it’s time we put a little bit out there."

The Colby Project will host a Spirits & Spirits Costume Ball social at O.P. Rockwell on Saturday, Oct. 24, at 8 p.m. Admission is $59 or $45 at the door. The event is open to the public ages 21 and older. The Colby Project will also host a Health and Happy Hour open house at the Colby property, 3770 S.R. 224, on Tuesday, Oct. 27, from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. This event is open to all.