Comedian Danny Bevins finds humor in arrogance |

Comedian Danny Bevins finds humor in arrogance

Danny Bevins finds humor in the arrogance of humankind. The stand-up comedian will perform two nights, May 4 and 5, at the Egyptian Theatre. Fellow comedian Kris Shaw will also perform those nights.
Courtesy of Danny Bevins

Stand-up comedians Danny Bevins and Kris Shaw will perform at 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, May 4 and 5, at the Egyptian Theatre, 328 Main St. Friday tickets range from $15 to $25. Saturday Tickets are $19 to $29. They can be purchased by visiting

Stand-up artist Danny Bevins’ comedy stems from human nature.

“What I find funny is how we as humans think we know more than we really know,” said Bevins, who will perform with fellow comedian Kris Shaw Friday and Saturday at the Egyptian Theatre. “It’s that sort of arrogance that can lead to more suffering, and that’s the stuff that makes me laugh really hard. It’s not the suffering that makes me laugh, but the arrogance that is compounded by the ignorance. People may think it’s mean, but I think it’s honest.”

The comedian does draw a line when it comes to making jokes about people for reasons that are out of their control.

“I mean, if I get a heckler, I don’t point out that they are bald, because I think it’s cheap and not necessary,” he said. “I’m not interested in making people feel bad about who they are, unless they’re who they are because of the choices that they have made.”

“My life was basically reading books, doingstand-up and I enjoyed it…”Danny Bevins,stand-up comedian

Bevins also gets frustrated with people who attend comedy shows and get offended because they aren’t familiar with the comedians.

“There aren’t a lot of misconceptions about the bigger comedians, because we know who they are. We know what kind of humor and jokes they do,” he said. “But it’s just dumb if you go to a comedy show without doing some research. That’s why we have Google. I mean, I think anyone who is going to see a band will try to get some information about that band beforehand, right?”

After an injury ended his military career, Bevins decided to go into comedy when he was visited a comedy club nearly 30 years ago.

“I saw a guy doing it,” Bevins said. “I wasn’t impressed, and I thought I could do that.”

Two years later, Bevins was living out of his car, driving from gig to gig.

“My life was basically reading books, doing stand-up and I enjoyed it,” he said. “Then I met my wife and she thought I should start planning what I could do with my comedy, and I was like, ‘What do you mean? I’m fine. All the money I have is in my pocket. I don’t owe anyone anything and I can do whatever I want.’”

But Bevins began to plan and since then, his comedy has opened many doors for him in the entertainment industry.

He appeared on NBC’s “The Leeza Show” and “The Jenny McCarthy Show” on MTV. In addition, Bevins was the 2000 winner of the San Francisco Comedy Competition, which is one of the most prestigious comedy contests in the country.

He has released comedy albums and has acted in “Sullivan & Son” and “The North American Smoker.”

Bevins is also a producer and did the TV series “American Wiseass” and won the Comedy Central Producer Award for “The World Stands Up.”

When Bevins isn’t on the road doing comedy, he is pitching shows that he wants to get produced.

“The great thing about comedy is that you learn all the aspects of performance,” he said. “You become an actor, director, writer and producer for yourself. So you get basic understandings of all of the jobs in the entertainment structure.”

While his career is filled with accolades, Bevins’ biggest reward is his friends.

“My days are filled with comedians who are some of the best, brightest and decent in the business, who are the coolest people I know,” he said. “They are my friends and we have had some long conversations about comedy and life, and that is very satisfying for me.”

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