Community steps up to support Live PC Give PC, with more than 6,000 donors giving $3.4M |

Community steps up to support Live PC Give PC, with more than 6,000 donors giving $3.4M

This year’s Live PC Give PC fundraiser, presented by the Park City Community Foundation, included a featured a community parade. The event, which celebrated its 10th anniversary, attracted more than 6,000 unique donors who donated more than $3.4 million dollars to 115 local nonprofits.
Courtesy of the Park City Community Foundation

The 10th annual Live PC Give PC fundraiser surpassed all expectations.

On Nov. 6, from midnight to midnight, more than 6,000 unique donors stepped up to the plate and gave more than $3.4 million dollars to 115 nonprofits based in the greater Park City area, said Christine Coleman, director of communications and marketing for the Park City Community Foundation, which organizes the event each year.

“It feels absolutely incredible to see the community come together to not only help us meet the goal of 5,500 unique donors, but far exceed it,” Coleman said. “I think this shows the generosity of our community. It shows people wanting to get involved to make this a better place.”

The top three nonprofits that garnered the most unique donors were Mountain Trails Foundation with 1,090 donors, Park City Education Foundation with 692 donors and Summit Land Conservancy with 556 donors, according to Coleman.

I think it happened because Live PC Give PC served as a bright spot during COVID and the election…” Christine Coleman, Park City Community Foundation director of communications

To sweeten the pot, these organizations received bonuses in the amounts of $2,500, $1,500 and $1,250, respectively, as prizes for the numbers they drew, she said.

Other organizations that pulled in high donor numbers include Peace House with 472, KPCW with 383 and People’s Health Clinic with 395.

Raising $3.4 million is a feat unto itself, but to raise that much money during a global pandemic was “mind-blowing,” according to Coleman.

“We raised $1 million more than what we raised last year, and that was huge,” she said. “There were times last Friday when we would see the numbers go up and wonder if it was real.”

Coleman also saw a slew of small donations that came in from people who had never participated before.

“These small donations really added up,” she said. “Sometimes I think people don’t believe that small donations will matter, but they do.”

The Park City Community Foundation, itself, raised $187,830, which will be used as part of its Community Fund grants, Coleman said.

“That helps us give back to the nonprofit community,” she said. “These grants will help expand and accelerate the impact of local nonprofits and provide nonprofit education and collaboration opportunities.”

Coleman believes this year’s success is because Live PC Give PC was a diversion during a challenging time for the community and the nation.

“We’re still getting the data in, but I think it happened because Live PC Give PC served as a bright spot during COVID and the election,” she said. “I think people felt that Live PC Give PC was a feel-good way to get involved with something positive.”

Park City Community Foundation also saw more nonprofits and local residents taking the initiative this year.

“I think the nonprofits did a fabulous job getting the word out, and we saw so many people jazzed up for it,” Coleman said.

This year’s event also featured a community parade and livestream, which was set up because of COVID-19, she said.

“People were able to watch the parade from their porches or curbs and be socially distant and safe, and they could watch the livestream from home,” she said. “Almost all the nonprofits participated in the livestream, and while we love hosting the annual party at High West, there are always a lot of people who miss it because they aren’t 21. So I think this year was a more inclusive Live PC Give PC.”

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