Crescent Super Band celebrates CD release with a concert |

Crescent Super Band celebrates CD release with a concert

The Crescent Super Band, directed by Caleb Chapman, top row right, will perform a CD release concert in Salt Lake City on May 2. (Photo by Marc Reynolds)

The Crescent Super Band, featuring the top teen musicians throughout the state, including three from Park City, has released its new CD, "Don’t Look Down."

To celebrate, the band will perform at the Masonic Temple in Salt Lake City on Friday, May 2.

Band director Caleb Chapman, winner of the Utah Best of State educator and music educator in 2011 and 2012, respectively, said he is looking forward to seeing the kids play the show.

"I had been at the Masonic Temple for a film shoot a couple of years back and thought it was an incredible room," Chapman told The Park Record. "I never thought of doing a show there, but it turns out that people have been doing concerts there forever."

Chapman, who was honored by Governor Gary Herbert with the prestigious 2013 "Utah Performing Artist Award," a few months ago, asked his friend Sarah Wiley about doing a show at the temple.

"Sarah, who does the Rooftop Concerts in Provo, said they have also been doing shows at the Masonic Temple and that it was the coolest venue, ever," Chapman said. "I went to check it out and am so excited for it. The stage is perfect and the seating is awesome."

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The setting is the prefect place to perform the songs that appear on "Don’t Look Down," which, Chapman said, has a good chance of getting a Grammy nomination.

"We had that in our sights from the start when we were picking the tunes and doing the arrangements and the recording," he said. "We were able to have some incredible guests on the album, to help with the songs."

Some of the guests include singer Ryan Innes, who appeared on "The Voice," James Valentine, the lead guitarist from Maroon 5, saxophonist and three-time Grammy Award-winning saxophonist Jeff Coffin from Dave Matthews Band and bassist Brandon Campbell from Neon Trees.

"It’s great to see the excitement of these other artists have for our music and what these young musicians have created," Chapman said. "This concert is an opportunity to celebrate the album and let the world know it’s out there, and we’re looking to make a big splash nationally with what we did."

The show will feature opening sets by Chapman’s other bands, the Voodoo Orchestra, the Inevitables and the Hooligan’s Brass Band, which features a total of seven additional Park City-based teen musicians. (See story titled "Park City residents who will perform during the "Don’t Look Down" CD release concert" for a list of the Park City players).

Co-headliners will be the Youngblood Brass Band.

"They are recognized as being one of the top New Orleans-styled bands in the world," Chapman said. "They’re coming to help us kick off the show."

In addition, Innes, will also make an appearance at the concert.

"We are so happy that Ryan will play with us," Chapman said. "When he was on ‘The Voice’ and made a big splash, nationally, the song that got so much attention was his cover of John Mayer’s ‘Gravity.’

"When we were putting together this album, we knew we wanted to do a cover of John’s other song, ‘Stitched Up,’ that John co-wrote with Herbie Hancock," Chapman said. "As we thought about what guests we wanted on the album, I wanted to see if Ryan would do this tune and he jumped all over it. So we’re excited to have him perform live with us."

The concert will be the first time that much of the CD’s music will be performed live.

"A few of the songs we have performed throughout the year, but we wanted to save a majority of the songs until the record was ready to hit the streets," said Chapman, who just returned from Indianapolis, Indiana, where he conducted the Jazz Band of America at the Music for All National Conference in March. "We will probably play most of the songs on the album."

Chapman, a finalist for the first ever "Grammy Music Educator Award" this year, is proud of how the Crescent Super Band’s young musicians have worked hard for the CD and the upcoming concert.

"The program is set up that once they turn 18, they graduate from the band," he said. "Every year, we get a new group and I tell always tell them that, yes, they made it into the band, but they aren’t the Crescent Super Band.

"I tell them that they have to earn that title, and they will have to step up," he said. "Luckily, these are all great musicians and for them, it’s not just keeping up with the musicians that have come before, but how are they going to push the band up to the next level."

That makes Chapman’s job worth all the long hours of arranging, rehearsing and performing.

"I feel I have the best job, ever, to hang out with these talented young artists," he said. "Everything I’ve done has been against the grain. I do everything the wrong way because I’m just stupid enough to do things differently to get some nice results. But all those years of doing things differently and the wrong way and to have people say it’s OK is a nice feeling."

The Crescent Super Band will perform at the Masonic Temple in Salt Lake City, 650 E. South Temple, on Friday, May 2. The music will begin with the Voodoo Orchestra, the Hooligans Brass Band, and The Inevitables at 6:30 p.m. The Youngblood Brass Band will take the stage at 8 p.m. and the Crescent Super Band will perform at 9:30 p.m. Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door and can be purchased at