Dancers with a Purpose will step up for the NAC |

Dancers with a Purpose will step up for the NAC

Dance Tech Studios hip-hop competition class rehearses for the upcoming Dancers with a Purpose concert that will benefit the National Ability Center. The show will be held at the Egyptian Theatre on March 27. (Tyler Cobb/Park Record)

Dance Tech Studios started new tradition last year.

Owner Nicole Fielding created Dancers with a Purpose as a way to create an opportunity for her students to use their talents, hard work and accomplishments to benefit the local community.

Last year, the group danced a benefit for Peace House.

This year, the dancers will present a concert at the Egyptian Theatre, 328 Main St., on Wednesday, March 27, for the National Ability Center, a nonprofit organization that provides affordable outdoor recreational experiences for people of all ages and abilities.

"The kids who perform in these concerts are our studio’s national competitors," Fielding said. "They tour all over and are used to a competitive atmosphere, so I felt it was important for them to realize their gifts could be used for something other than competing. We also feel its important for them to look outside themselves and be able to reflect how blessed they are and how good their lives are."

After last year’s concert, Fielding and the dancers compiled a list of needs from the Peace House and went shopping with the money they raised.

"We were able to provide bedding and kitchen items, which is something our dancers take for granted every day, and that was very eye-opening for them," Fielding said. "The dancers got a good sense of the reality of what their efforts went towards."

Jenny Wilson, who is the hip-hop director, said the experience struck a chord in a few of her students.

"Since then, a couple of our students, because they were familiar with Peace House, volunteered to serve a dinner there," Wilson said. "So, they have stayed active with Peace House instead of doing a one-time project and moving on."

Choosing the National Ability Center for this year’s concert was an exciting decision for Dance Tech Studios.

"When we told the kids that we were going to benefit the NAC, they all got very excited, because it is very dear to the community up here," Fielding said. "What I personally respect and love is the fact that there is a professional organization that gives quality programs for individuals of different abilities so they can participate in outdoor activities."

The dancers participating in the concert range in ages from six to 18.

"There will be 78 dancers, total in the production," Fielding said.

Julia Alcox, 13, who has been with Dance Tech Studios for more than four years, said she is looking forward to the performance.

"It’s important for me because it’s a way to give something back to the community," she said.

Fellow dancer Paige Delmort agreed.

"This is important because people might think that we care just about dance and just about ourselves, but we don’t," said Delmort, 17. "We have other values and we want to show that we do care about the community."

Macy Bedford, 14, has another reason why she is excited for the show.

"Doing this benefit for the NAC is important to me, because I volunteer there every summer," Bedford said. "I think it’s nice to donate to them through this benefit concert."

The concert will not only feature hip hop, but also pointe, classical ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, break dance and tap, Fielding said.

"All the teachers on our staff have choreographed pieces that will comprise the evening’s repertoire," she said. "And all the pieces are part of our competition numbers that the kids have been working on all year."

The concert will run just under 1 ½ hours.

"We are trying to keep the concert a comfortable length, because we know everyone is busy," Fielding explained.

"Also, the dancers are dancing in multiple pieces, so they will be on stage a long time," added Wilson.

One thing that is different than other concerts is there will not be any advanced ticket sales.

"The audience will pay as they go in," Fielding said. "We’re asking for a $10 donation for both adults and children, and the staff from the National Ability Center will collect the money at the door.

"Additional donations will be accepted that evening as well," she said.

All proceeds will be donated to the NAC.

"The Egyptian Theatre is working very generously with us to keep the production cost down," Fielding said.

Dance Tech Studios has been in Park City for 19 years and its mission is to provide professional-quality programs for dancers of all ages to take their dance experiences to any level they prefer, she said.

"We take pride in our instructors and we keep current the latest trends of what we need to be teaching to give these kids the upper hand for college scholarship auditions and for them to continue dancing nationwide," she said. "That’s why things like this are important to us."

Dance Tech Studios will present Dancers with a Purpose, a concert that will benefit the National Ability Center, at the Egyptian Theatre, 328 Main St., on Wednesday, March 27, at 6 p.m. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. Admission is $10. For more information, call Dance Tech Studios at (435) 655-9213.

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