EATS Park City fills its belly thanks to Whole Foods Market’s quarterly fundraiser |

EATS Park City fills its belly thanks to Whole Foods Market’s quarterly fundraiser

Programs show support in the community

EATS Park City, a local nonprofit that helps and encourages and local students to eat healthy, has partnered with Whole Foods Market for a unique fundraiser.

Whole Foods, who award its customers points for using reusable shopping bags, will convert designated points into cash that will be donated to EATS, which is an acronym for Eat Awesome Things at School, said Debbie Labelle, metro marketing team leader of Whole Foods Utah.

“Every bag point that a person designates to EATS will be converted into 10 cents,” Labelle said. “So if you bring in five bags, EATS Park City will get 50 cents, and so on.”

The fundraiser will run through Jan. 14.

“We do these fundraisers quarterly,” Labelle said. “After Jan. 14, we will designate the points to another organization.”

The fundraiser is currently running at the old Whole Foods Market, 1748 Redstone Center Drive at Kimball Junction. When the new Canyons Corner Whole Foods opens on Saturday, Oct. 18, at 6598 N. Landmark Drive, the fundraiser will transfer there as well, Labelle said.

EATS Park City Executive Director Janae Ridge said Whole Foods is the perfect partner for a fundraiser.

“Working with organizations such as Whole Foods is important because we can tell people to eat healthy and cook good foods all we want, but if they don’t know where to get the food, then it’s all for nothing,” she said. “So we know we can refer people to Whole Foods for these ingredients.”

Ridge said it is important that like-minded organizations work together to benefit the community.

“We’ve partnered with Whole Foods in many different ways in the past, and this is a new way for us to work together,” Ridge said. “We all eat, right? And we all need to get our food from somewhere. Whole Foods has been the one to get behind of what we’re doing. We work well together.”

Labelle agreed and said community partnerships are an important mission for Whole Foods.

“We have a long-standing tradition at Whole Foods Market of being a mission-driven company, and we really have a passion to support our local communities,” she said. “We do plant our roots deeply in the places we serve, so we develop relationships with many of the nonprofits in those areas. Park City is no different. This is just who we are.”

In addition to the quarter-long fundraisers, Whole Foods also sets aside one day during each quarter to benefit an additional organization, Labelle said.

“We also have our Five Percent Days, where five percent of that day’s net sales will benefit the organization,” Labelle said.

Whole Foods Park City’s next Five Percent Day will be announced later.

For information about Whole Foods Market’s quarterly reusable bag donation fundraiser, visit Whole Food’s website.