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Experience climbing Everest

Sara Tabin, Park Record intern

Apa Sherpa, World Record Holder for summiting Mount Everest 21 times and principal at Everest Media Productions, waves to the public as they sing "Happy Birthday" Friday, Jan. 24, at the Sundance House HP Live Lounge. Sherpa shared a slideshow while talking about his many climbing experiences. (Christopher Reeves/Park Record)

After 21 successful summits, Apa Sherpa is conquering Everest once more. Unfailingly cheerful no matter the circumstance, Apa worked for years as a mountain guide and porter, risking his life to support his family and to raise awareness for the preservation of the natural beauty of the Himalayas and of Sherpa culture. Now, Apa will be allowing many more to stand on the "top of the world" with the help of the a 360 degree camera.

"I would like to take you guys all the way to the top of Mount Everest," Apa said at a Sundance presentation about his upcoming documentary, "Tiger of the Himalayas- The Apa Sherpa Story."

The film will relay Apa’s incredible story with the help of the company 360Heroes. The 360Heroes camera allows viewers to take in everything and feel as though they are truly on the mountain. Their patent-pending technology hooks eight smaller cameras together and is controlled remotely. After the high-definition video has been filmed, the various views are stitched together with special software to create an image or video that can be manipulated by a viewer to show any angle of a scene.

The documentary has already gained recognition as the "First Fully Spherical HD 360 Degree Video Filmed on the Summit of Mount Everest" in the Guinness Book of World Records, a small matter for Apa, already a holder of 11 world records for his work as a mountaineer.

Currently a resident of Draper, Apa left Nepal for Utah so his children could have the education he missed out on. Apa now works to empower other Sherpa families through his project, the Apa Sherpa Foundation. "Without education," Apa told listeners at the HP Sundance House Live Lounge, "we have no choice."

To get a glimpse of the 360 camera in action on a mobile device go to: http://hosting.360heros.com/360video/2013-MountEverest/index.html

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