Follies continues its ‘Epic’ week |

Follies continues its ‘Epic’ week

Park City Follies has outdone itself this year.

The 14th-annual live musical and Egyptian Theatre fundraiser, dubbed "Epic Follies," which makes fun of all things Park City, not only examines the battle of wits between Vail and Park City Mountain Resort in its own unique way, but also adds its own flavor to TV favorites "Breaking Bad" and "The Amazing Race" with parody videos filmed by Follies creative team member and videographer Rick Klein.

Other videos take a closer look at more local issues such as dogs, trails, and same-sex marriage in a way only the Follies can.

Klein said working on the videos isn’t a one-man project.

"It’s true that I shoot them, but I get input from the other team members," Klein said during an interview a week before opening day. "I will shoot them, edit them and show them to the others members of the creative team."

The group includes director Paul Tan, writer and The Park Record columnist Tom Clyde and lyricist Terry Moffitt.

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"They will let me know if they like things or not, and then I’ll take their suggestions and re-edit the videos," Klein said. "There is no ego involved, because we all want them to be the best we can make them, whatever that is."

One of the best experiences Klein has ever had making a Follies video was the one about same-sex marriage.

It was filmed at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church with former Park City Mayor Dana Williams and St. Luke’s Reverend Charles Robinson, who is an avid supporter of equal rights for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) population.

"We filmed it on Sunday after their service," Klein said. "Many of the people sitting in the pews just stayed to be a part of it."

Moffitt was amazed at the congregation’s enthusiasm.

"They were all sitting and when the brides, who were men dressed in wedding gowns, walked in, everyone cheered," she said. "It was a great experience and we need to thank Reverend Charles for his support."

While the videos do weave themselves in and out of the live production, they don’t distract from this year’s Follies story, which adds a dash of spice to the Vail and Park City Mountain Resort battle in the form of the ParkWest curse.

In addition, the creative team fleshed out its mix of chaos with handfuls of Delta airlines pilots and flight attendants, aliens, Texans and the Park City Library.

Those involved in the action included a cast of Park City residents that ranged from John Burdick and Anthony Greenhalgh to Susan Wythe and Peg Tan.

The show was sewn together with live music, featuring parodies of Tanya Tucker’s "Delta Dawn" and Joni Mitchell’s "Big Yellow Taxi," directed by pianist and bandleader Shelle Jennings.

Park City Follies’ "Epic Follies" continues from Wednesday, April 9, through Saturday, April129. Curtain is 8 p.m. For more information, visit . A DVD of this year’s performance will be availablefor $20 after the show closes by contacting PCTV. Call 435-649-0045 to place an order.