FUNSeekers ready for adventure |

FUNSeekers ready for adventure

Scott Iwasaki

There’s a new social group in town, the Park City 40+ FUNSeekers.

The group has 65 members and is designed to help single locals over 40 to socialize and embark on group outings such as skiing, moonlight show-shoeing, dancing, wine tasting, gallery strolls and other adventures, said founder Kendeyl Johansen.

"The first and foremost thing I want to clarify is that FUNSeekers isn’t a dating service," Johansen said during an interview with The Park Record. "It’s a way to get a bunch of single people together to do things as a group.

"It’s for people who feel like third wheels when they call their married friends to take the funicular at the St. Regis and get an appetizer," she said. "If you have a group of single friends that will go do this activity together, it will turn into a fun adventure."

One of the great things about the group is the lack of membership dues.

"You don’t have to pay anything to join," Johansen said. "It’s free to be a part of the group."

The idea for FUNSeekers came to her after she filed for divorce.

"I listed 101 fun activities that I wanted to try, but realized that I had only one friend to do these with and I wanted to meet more people like me," Johansen said. "I wanted to find out where the fun, adventurous, older, single people were hiding.

"So I asked myself what I could do to bring people like me together to meet new friends and do fun, exciting and adventurous events together," she said. "That’s when I found out that I could start a social group."

Johansen officially established Park City 40+ FUNSeekers last month.

Twenty-seven people joined on the first day.

"I had a feeling there was a need for this," she said. "There are many things in Park City that are for children, families, new residents and even older people, but the group I wanted to target sometimes gets left out. So there is a niche for this."

Johansen has already been approached by members with new ideas.

"The list included an activity called a selfie treasure hunt where you have a list of people or things you have to take a selfie with and then the first person to do that and get back to a predestined location will get a prize," she said. "People are so creative and I’ve been surprised at the response we’ve gotten so far. And if someone has an idea, we are open to hearing about it."

In addition to scheduling activities for a group of adults, FUNSeekers has scheduled outings to include children.

"Some of us, like me, are divorced and have children," Johansen said. "So, we are also scheduling activities with our kids as well."

The group has already visited Zoo Lights at Hogle Zoo and are working on scheduling a sledding activity.

"It’s fun together with other singles and their kids and share an adventure," Johansen said. "That way the kids can find new friends as well, and that’s what I’m hoping for."

Johansen hopes Park City 40+ FUNSeekers will enhance the lives of other local singles.

"Many of us sit home on Friday nights wondering what to do," she said. "Since we always plan an event, they don’t have to do that. They can join the group and meet us."

For more information about Park City 40+ FUNSeekers, email Johansen at or visit .


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