Gallery MAR celebrates five with ‘Five’ |

Gallery MAR celebrates five with ‘Five’

Gallery MAR owner Maren Bargreen Mullin, right, wanted to celebrate with an exhibit
Gallery Mar (Photo by: Christopher Reeves/Park Record)

Maren Bargreen Mullin opened Gallery MAR in 2008.

Her vision was to feature fine abstract, contemporary and noncommercial art.

In January 2012, in the middle of the Sundance Film Festival, the gallery moved from

its original spot at 580 Main St. to a more accessible space up the street at 436 Main St.

This year, Gallery MAR is celebrating its five-year anniversary, and Mullin came up

with intriguing way to commemorate.

She conceived "FIVE: the Fifth Anniversary Show," an exhibit comprised of works

by some of the Gallery MAR artists. The catch is they had to create works that dealt with

the number five.

The artists could use the number in their works or feature five focal points or objects

to convey the idea, Mullin told The Park Record.

"I am continually interested by how artists interpret an idea or guideline," Mullin

said. " giving a little directive, like the idea of five, you open up the artist to a new

approach to their painting or sculpting. It also allows the artist to try something new and

branch out of their typical body of work, which can be very freeing. (Because) to be an

artist is to push limits, to expand on what you have previously seen and done."

Mullin invited 20 of her artists, who are based all around the country, to participate.

Those artists include Bridgette Meinhold, Maura Allen, Nina Tichava, Matt Flint,

George Bodine, Ron Russon, Joe Norman, Ronald Ray Rogers, Warren Neary, Brian

McGuffey, Adam Winegar, Patrick LoCicero and Charles Keiger.

Mullin was amazed at the response.

"It’s hard to fathom how creative everyone is at the gallery," she said. "The

interpretations have all been different, and while each piece is representative of the

individual artist, they are all distinctive."

As the works arrived, Mullin wanted to keep them for herself, which, she said, is a

lovely (and constant) problem for all gallery owners.

"It has truly felt like a birthday celebration, opening packages of the artists’ works as

they arrive," she said. "One of the pieces even features a birthday party scene, (and) there

is a series with five-pointed stars, while another is a bouquet of birthday sunflowers. All

are appropriate for a contemporary mountain ascetic."

The past five years have passed quickly for Mullin.

"Starting out in the depths of our recession, in 2008, was a challenge, but I am

continually grateful to my artists and our collectors," she said. "We at Gallery MAR, are

able to connect the two, which is incredibly rewarding. (That) is my favorite part of

working in a gallery, and I think our collectors can sense that.

"We are also fortunate to have an incredibly supportive arts community in Park City,

and we’ve had a lot of fun with nonprofit events and gallery strolls, all while raising

money for other nonprofits and arts groups," Mullin said. "I have a talented and

authentic staff and the support of my husband, and we are looking forward to another five

years on Main Street. Funny — it used to be a big deal that I was so young to be starting

a business (at 25), and after five years and some new laugh lines, no one even


The Gallery MAR, 436 Main St., will celebrate its five-year anniversary with free

reception on Friday, July 26, from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. The event will kick off The "FIVE"

exhibit that feature 20 artists utilizing the number or concept of five in their art. For

more information, visit .

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