Gay Park City kickstarts Gay Nights at Cisero’s |

Gay Park City kickstarts Gay Nights at Cisero’s

Scott Iwasaki

Gay Park City is an organization focused on the LGBT community that wants to host events open to all gender orientations.

It has teamed with Cisero’s Bar and Ristorante for Gay Night Fridays, said server and bartender John Evans, one of the founders of Gay Park City.

"We’re planning some theme parties this month," said Evans, who, along with Cisero’s general manager Matt "Hop" Hopkins and bar manager Brian Moniz, sat down at the restaurant and club for an interview with The Park Record.

"What we are looking to do is bring the entire area together and branching out to embrace everyone in town so they know that Friday at Cisero’s will be one of the main-feature dance parties of the town," Hopkins said. "We want to get a big melting pot of people who want to have fun. Anyone who wants to come down, can come and shake loose."

The first will be Oct. 16.

"We’ll call it Feel the Love Friday," Evans said.

Oct. 23 will be known as Freaky Friday, and admission for both nights will be a $5 cover charge at the door.

"Our big party will be Oct. 30, the day before Halloween," Evans said. "We’re doing a Halloween party that night and we will hold the Bootylicious Costume Party with DJ Paul Sanchez who will play electro dance music."

Doors will open at 9 p.m.

"We will throw an amazing costume contest and want people to come dressed to impress," he said. "However, you don’t have to be in costume to attend."

The door charge for that night will be $10.

"We are also scheduling a party bus that will bring party-goers up from Salt Lake City, because we don’t want people to drink too much and get on the road," Evans said. He added, "We don’t want these to be events where there are only gay people coming to Cisero’s. We want everyone, including those who are straight and who support the LGBT community."

Evans would like Gay Night to have a theme for each night thereafter, but wants some help deciding what to do.

"I would like the community to tell us what they want," he said. "It’s fun coming up with our own ideas, but if someone has a good one, we would love to hear from them. We’ve had people suggest a lip sync night and that’s something we can think about."

Moniz said the goal is to see these events continue.

"I’m working on scheduling a few semi-famous DJs in here come December," he said.

One is DJ Dan, who played Cisero’s last year.

"He’s a ’90’s funk-house legend," Moniz said. "Then we would like to get divaDanielle and that whole crew from InStereo Recordings and Action 52 out of Denver, who are all in that electro-dance scene."

Activities for the LGBT community are something that Park City lacks, Evans said.

"This is my third year in Park City and the one main thing we have here that is celebrated is Gay Ski Weekend," he said. "Even then, it’s not really promoted that much. "You never see bars putting out information out there," Evans said. "I think maybe Park City Live does one night, but other than that, we’re throwing house parties."

The first Gay Park City event at Cisero’s was held last Friday, Oct. 9, with music by DJ Elvis Freshly.

The night was deemed a success.

"We had a revenue goal we wanted to reach and we surpassed it," Evans said. "Everything went smoothly and it was nice to see all of these people come out. It was also great seeing people who weren’t gay telling us that they love going to gay bars."

"It was like it was meant to be because everything slid into place," said Moniz. "So, we’re taking that a sign."

Evans has wanted to host Gay Night since last year, according to Moniz.

"John kept asking me if he could bartend," Moniz said. "He kept telling me that he could get people in."

Evans had his chance last weekend when Moniz had to cover another shift.

"I told John that he could promote it any way he wanted and he reached out to all of his friends and they all came in," Moniz said.

Evans said Cisero’s is a great place to host Gay Nights.

"The party starts at 9 p.m., so you can come early to the restaurant and get some good food in your stomach and then go downstairs to have some fun," he said.

Cisero’s, 306 Main St., will host Gay Night open to all orientations every Friday. For more information, visit .