Gina Van Luven wants to share ‘Nutrition for Success’ |

Gina Van Luven wants to share ‘Nutrition for Success’

Parkite will host seminar and release book

Nearly 15 years ago Parkite Gina Van Luven suffered from a number of health ailments.

“I had inhaler-dependent asthma, allergies, arthritis and a lot of digestive issues and was really quite a mess,” Van Luven said during a Park Record interview. “I also had a young son who had chronic ADHD with aggression.”

As she worked to help her son deal with his challenges, Van Luven, who is now as board-certified wellness coach, started helping herself as well.

“I realizing how food, lifestyle, relationships, career, spirituality and self-esteem nourishes the individual,” she said. “I started to make changes within myself and all the ailments began to disappear.

“I was off my inhaler and it was seemingly miraculous at what happened to me,” she said. “It really wasn’t, however. It was just me getting back to the fundamental basics of health and well being.”

In her new book, “Nutrition for Success: How to Maximize Performance in All Areas of Life,” Van Luven looks at how nourishment can come not only from food, but from other aspects of one’s life.

The book will be released on Wednesday, Jan. 11, during a free seminar at The Gathering Place at Gardner Village, 1100 W. 7800 South, in West Jordan.

The seminar will run from 6:30-9 p.m. and books will be available for purchase then, Van Luven said.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Utah Community Action, a nonprofit committed to ending poverty.

“I will do an excerpt on success and what that means and address the issue of why some people find success and others don’t and why you can be successful in certain areas of your life and not in other areas,” Van Luven said. “I open up with that and then get into the food portion — what foods nourish and what foods deplete and how to reboot yourself during the day when you aren’t feeling your best.”

In addition, Van Luven has recruited other wellness-related professionals to attend.

“They will be there so participants can interact with them and look at other opportunities to create better health and well-being in 2017 and beyond,” she said.

One of the things Van Luven has learned over the past 15 years is there are many misconceptions regarding wellness.

“We’re told from many outside sources that we’re kind of stuck with whatever ails us,” she said. “I have been told that a number of times and I know many people have been told that.”

The good news is no one is stuck inside their ailments.

“Anyone can get healthy again, unless you have something that you are born with,” she said. “You can get healthy by finding balance.”

That’s another thing “Nutrition for Success” addresses.

“There is a misconception that in order to become successful, you have to work your tail off and do more, which isn’t true,” she said. “The book is about bringing more balance into your life so you can get more out of your day.

“The book takes a deep dive into relationships, spirituality, career and self esteem to help people find out where the gaps are and help them fill those gaps,” Van Luven said. “There is a lot of information in the 164 pages.”

Van Luven started writing the book before she moved to Park City seven years ago.

“I began to jot down notes in like a side-line activity,” she said. “Then in 2016, I had had enough and made a commitment and decided to finish the book.”

Van Luven set a goal and a date and stuck to it.

“Goals like this are also important when it comes to health and success,” she said.

The problem is many people look at their own health as a side-line activity. They’ll make notes and say they’ll work on it, but never get around to it.

“If you want to be healthy, you have to set goals and make a conscious effort to make the right choices for yourself — exercise and buy healthy foods,” she said. “You can fool the system for a while. Teen agers and someone in their 20s can eat garbage and feel fine, but when they get into their 30s and 40s, they realize they need to make a change.”

Gina Van Luven will host a “Nutrition for Success” seminar from 6:30-9 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 11, at The Gathering Place at Gardner Village, located at 1100 W. and 7800 South. The event is free and open to the public. For more information, visit and

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