Giving a Bleep production is moving to the Prospector |

Giving a Bleep production is moving to the Prospector

Dwayne Vance, Michael Kirklen and Cheryl Vance get ready for their scene during a Giving a Bleep rehearsal. The performances that will begin on Jan. 30 serve as fundraisers for all Park City area nonprofits. (Photo by Tanya Taylor)

All parents, while growing up, have done stupid things they try to hide from their kids.

The ones who say they have never done anything embarrassing or naughty are lying.

The premise of how parents deal with their sleazy pasts when their kids want to know, is the theme of the new Giving a Bleep musical comedy that will begin its run on Thursday, Jan. 30, at the Prospector Square Theater and Conference Center.

The performances are fundraisers for nonprofits in the Park City area. A portion of the ticket prices will benefit organizations of the ticket-buyers’ choice.

During the performances, a boy named Dylan Schtopsalot is looking for his father, who may or may not be Ima Cummins.

On a bigger scale, Mr. Cummins represents Park City Mountain Resort.

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Terry Rawstern, general manager of the Prospector Lodge, said he is happy Giving a Bleep will be performed at the 300-seat Prospector Theater.

"We just underwent a multi-million-dollar renovation of our facilities and that’s one of the reasons why Giving a Bleep had been scheduled in January," Rawstern said. "[The show] typically is presented in the fall, but because of the renovation and being a hosting venue for the Sundance Film Festival, we pushed back the dates."

The Prospector has hosted smaller Giving a Bleep events in the past, but this is the first time the musical will come to the theater stage, albeit four days after the final Sundance Film Festival screening on Jan. 26.

"We will still have a few days to get things situated for Giving a Bleep’s opening night on Jan. 30," Rawstern said. "There shouldn’t be an issue, especially with the upgrades we have done with the facility. We have done some rec-room changes, which will make for a better experience for our guests.

"We certainly enjoy being involved in the community," he said. "We wanted to get into it even more this year because this is such a great cause. It allows folks who come and see the show not only have an enjoyable night of fun and frivolity, but to continue to give back to charities with their contributions they make by buying tickets."

Missy Hilton, co-writer, said most of the material lampoons the issues among Canyons, Park City Mountain Resort and Vail.

"We enjoyed poking some fun at some of these things," Hilton said. "But we also address life in Park City. I mean, the lead character is in a situation where her oldest is gearing up to leave his home, and everyone can relate to that.

"We present that theme in a way to make it very Park City-centric, which the audience will recognize that may be happening in their own home," she said. "It’s something that is happening now that school is almost done."

Hilton and Giving a Bleep executive director Annette Velarde, met with a larger group for "Pitch" parties in 2013 and tossed around some ideas for the script.

"The reason why people laugh at a stand-up comedian or a situation comedy is that people recognize themselves in the material," Hilton said. "We just keep our audience in mind and find touchstones that everyone can relate to. From that standpoint, it’s not that difficult as long as we have our fingers on the pulse of what is going on."

Last year’s debut performance took on the presidential election and was a great experience for Hilton.

"We were so excited about the response we had last year," she said. "While we have many returning actors for this year’s production, we were approached by others who wanted to get involved this year."

One of the new cast members is Tanya Taylor, who is known for her works in Tanya Taylor Productions. She plays Tiara Glitter, Dylan’s best friend.

"I went to the show last year and all I remember is laughing so hard that my mouth hurt.," Taylor said. "I was sitting on the front row and was bent over half the time laughing."

Returning to the Giving a Bleep acting pool is Kim Page, who plays Ima Cummins.

"I remember seeing Tanya laughing so hard as I came out on stage as a short cowboy during last year’s show," Page said. "I had a lot of fun just watching her."

Both actors said working on this year’s show has been a lot of fun.

"Annette is very easy and fun to work with," Page said. "I’m an actor, and love to perform."

"Annette is a brilliant writer and has an amazing skill to tell a story," Taylor concurred. "She also has a gift to find things that are funny in the world around us and to chuckle."

A big challenge of being an actor for Giving a Bleep is the rewrites.

"Since this production is based on current events, we have gotten new scripts as recent as two days ago," Page said. "Plus, you never know what will happen during a live performance."

One of the nice things about the script is how versatile the scriptwriters are, said Taylor.

"There have been times when actors or actresses will ask Annette if they can add some things in and she’s very receptive to those suggestions," Taylor said. "It’s a great, creative, fun show that people will laugh with."

Velarde is thankful for the support from the Prospector, the actors, crew and sponsors.

"None of these people who are working with us get paid a dime," she said. "What we paid several thousand dollars for last year, Wasatch Audio donated for free of charge so we could give more of the ticket price to the local nonprofits.

"This is the biggest reason why I do this project," Velarde said. "This is the only way I know that can raise significant cash for nonprofits that people want to donate to."

Hilton also wanted to remind people that Giving a Bleep is not a family-friendly show.

"There is no age limit regarding who can attend, but Giving a Bleep is an adult-themed performance and if people want to come, they should grab their friends, grab their spouse or significant other and plan on getting a babysitter," Hilton said.

Giving A Bleep, The Show will be held at the Prospector Square Theater and Conference Center, 2175 Sidewinder Drive Show dates are Jan. 30 and 31, Feb. 1, Feb. 7 and Feb. 8, at 8 p.m. Tickets can be purchased by visiting .