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Hardcore band Terror coming to Park City

Hardcore band Terror will open for Suicidal Tendencies at Park City Live on Dec. 7. Terror is touring in support of its fifth album "Live By the Code." (Photo by Morgan Newman)

When Terror released its fifth album, 2010’s "Keepers of the Faith," the hardcore band’s members knew they had something special.

"It’s funny because a lot of bands’ first albums are their best," said Terror vocalist Scott Vogel during an telephone interview from Los Angeles, Calif. "That’s why everyone likes our album ‘Lowest of the Low.’ But then we put out ‘Keepers of the Faith’ and it changed for us across the world."

That put quite a bit of pressure on the band — Vogel, drummer Nick Jett, bassists David Wood and guitarists Jordan Posner and Martin Stewart — when it came time to make a follow up.

"We knew if we didn’t come up with some good stuff, everyone would wonder if we were falling apart or something," Vogel said. "That was in the back of my head, but I also didn’t care."

That said, the band went into the studio with producer Chad Gilbert and, in Vogel’s opinion, made "Live The Code," a worthy follow up to "Keepers of the Faith."

Park City will get to hear some of those songs when Terror opens for Suicidal Tendencies at Park City Live on Saturday, Dec. 7.

"’Keepers of the Faith’ cemented our sound and our identity and while we try to do different things on all of our albums, we still felt comfortable and confident about what we were going to do with the next album," Vogel said.

That’s why the band asked Gilbert, who has worked on the past two albums, to produce "Live By The Code."

"Up until we started working with Chad, we would take a song that someone in the band was working on, change a couple of things and throw some lyrics on it and that would be the song," Vogel said. "Chad got us in a room and had us all give our opinions and made us all work together to write our songs."

That was something Terror never did before.

"With today’s technology, any one of us can go into our bedroom and write a song, but with Chad, we all worked on the songs and dissected them," Vogel said. "I mean, our drummer, Nick, had a song and by the time it made it to the record, only one part of the original was kept.

"I know a lot of people who say they work with producers, but let me tell you, Chad is a straight-up producer," he said. "He came up with lyrics and vocal patterns and even came up with a Nike sponsorship for us. On top of that, he’s a kid who likes music."

In addition to the music, Terror spent a lot of time on the album’s art and graphics layout.

"We got artists and had them work on the booklet that comes with the music," Vogel explained. "We got together and asked ourselves what we could do that would be different than ‘Keepers of the Faith’ and how we can do better."

Naming the new album was also a careful process.

"We also knew that the title, ‘Live By The Code,’ would also make a statement," Vogel said. "We knew when people saw the title, they would be like, ‘So in hardcore, there is a set of laws that you have to live by.’

"But we want people to know that this is not what it’s about," he said. "It’s all about why we got into underground music and why we go to shows."

While each member of Terror grew up with different tastes of music, they all agree that Saturday’s headliner, Suicidal Tendencies, was their main influence.

"It’s a pretty cool thing for us to tour with them," Vogel said. "We’ve toured with them before and they seem down-to-earth and still do their thing on stage, which is very cool."

Terror will open for Suicidal Tendencies at Park City Live, 427 Main St., on Saturday, Dec. 7. Doors open at 8 p.m. Tickets can be purchased by visiting http://www.parkcitylive.net.

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