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Hoffman Exotics and Fine Art is on the move

The new Hoffman Exotics and Fine Art Gallery, dubbed “The Warehouse,” located at 4207 Forestdale Dr. Unit B, at Quinn’s Junction, is big enough to not only showcase fine art, but also cars and motorcycles.

In fact, that’s what owner Don Hoffman plans to do during the grand opening celebration of the 5,000 square-foot gallery, held on Wednesday, July 20, from 5:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.

“We’ll have a Maserati inside the gallery and Ferrari will bring four or five cars that will be lined up outside,” Hoffman told The Park Record. “We’ll also have an Aston Martin on display. I think it’s a DB9.”

The event will also feature live music.

“We’ll have a pianist and they’ll bring their own piano in,” Hoffman said. “We’ll showcase the piano on a regular basis after the grand opening.”

There will be some hors d’oeuvres and drinks as well.

The event will also be highlighted by a Ducati motorcycle and showcase paintings by Laura Robb and Ezra Tucker as well as paintings and sculptures by Michael Coleman, according to Hoffman.

“It has taken me more than five years to finally show Laura’s work,” he said. “I saw her work in a magazine years ago. I called her up and she said she couldn’t do anything at that moment because she deals with seven or eight galleries.”

Hoffman kept in touch with the floral and still life painter over the years.

“I called periodically to see how things were going and a month ago she said, ‘I may have something for you,’” he said. “I was thrilled because I just love her work.”

Hoffman likes Robb’s approach to her paintings.

“It’s very loose, spontaneous and colorful,” he said. “When still life artists set up the compositions, they set the lighting just perfectly and build a pattern. She does this with items in her home and the end result is exciting.”

Robb’s work stands in contrast the work of the other two painters.

“It’s nice to have some still lifes because the other two work with outdoor scenes,” Hoffman said. “Ezra focuses on animals, and manages to capture the unique personalities through his subjects’ eyes. And then Michael not only paints animals, but also paints western scenes and landscapes. When you get Michael to do what he wants, he can’t be touched.

“These three artists could carry their own shows on their own in any place in the country and Europe,” Hoffman said. “I don’t see many artists of this caliber in town.”

In addition to these three artists’ works, the gallery will display other paintings and works such as the chimpanzee and gorilla sculptures of Bart Walter.

“We carry some paintings of other artists who have since passed away,” Hoffman said. “Brownell McGrew and Gary Swanson are some of our deceased artists, and I’ve outlived them. I feel a little sad when I come in and see their works.

“I used to go down to Brownell’s studio in Tucson, Arizona,” Hoffman said. “After he passed away, I went to visit his wife and daughter and saw all of these half-finished paintings. We just broke down and cried. But he lives on because we show some of his paintings.”

Planning the grand opening has given new life to Hoffman’s vision for his gallery.

“We’re thinking of doing an event each month,” he said. “They will be different in that we’ll feature some airplanes, cars and art. Instead of this space being just a regular gallery, the exhibits will be more like events.”

Hoffman hopes that these monthly events will attract people to the new space, which is located a little more than five miles away from downtown Park City. And while it’s not on Main Street, it is ideal for Hoffman’s vision.

“We just stumbled onto the space six months ago,” he said. “We had been looking for a place to move into. There weren’t any places on Main Street that were doable, big enough, to do what we really wanted to do.”

Once the lease was signed, Hoffman gathered a crew to renovate the interior.

“It seems like we started four months ago,” he said.

Crews not only refinished the walls, which are two stories tall, and they also added some new permanent walls.

“After the opening, we’ll have some people put some epoxy on the concrete floors,” Hoffman said. “We’ll let it go until after the opening show.”

Although Hoffman was concerned about the new gallery’s location, he said it’s not that far from Park City’s Historic Main street.

“It’s just 10 minutes away,” he said. “You get on [S.R.] 248 and turn on old Highway 40, and it’s just off of that,” he said.

The gallery owner is excited for the new venture.

“After doing interior decorating for a while, I find myself wanting to change around a space so it feels like home,” he said. “We know that the cars will attract a certain crowd and we’ll be able to do more of that as well. Since the space is also big enough to hold an airplane, we will probably do a show with an airplane soon.”

Hoffman Exotics and Fine Art will celebrate a grand opening of “The Warehouse,” 4207 Forestdale Dr. Unit B, at Quinn’s Junction, on Wednesday, July 20, from 5:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. For more information, call  801-349-5026

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