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Holy Water Buffalo will screen new music video

As the Sundance Film Festival announces its competition winners, local band Holy Water Buffalo will host an encore special screening of its new music video, "Free Man."

The screening will be at The Cabin, 825 Main St., and guitarist Tommy Brunson is ready.

"We’re pretty honored and stoked to be able to screen the video during our performance," Brunson told The Park Record. "We’re excited and think it will be a whole lot of fun."

The video follows an escaped chain-gang prisoner through some of the harsh and beautiful Utah landscapes on his journey home, according to Brunson.

"You see him trying to get back to his true love," he said. "It’s kind of a tear jerker."

The video was filmed at the Salt Flats and in mines in Tooele.

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"We also shot a bunch of footage at Antelope Island," Brunson said. "So there’s an outskirts feel to it all."

Holy Water Buffalo recruited director of photography Martin Moody and Kevin Treacy, known for his work on the 2012 short film "Salton Sea," to make the video.

"We grew up with Martin and he was the person who helped make our first music video, ‘I’m Alright,’" Brunson explained. "Kevin is Irish and flew in from Belfast to do the shoot."

The band sent the two filmmakers preproduction tracks of its new album to start the process.

"They selected the song to do and also came up with the treatment for the video," Brunson said. "We actually shot it all in just a little more than three days."

The only band member in the video is bassist Jeff Vanderlinden, who can be seen in the background in a couple of scenes. The others Brunson, keyboardist Zaz McDonald and drummer Steven Siggard are missing in action.

"Not being in the video is not a normal thing that happens in music videos," Brunson said. "It’s more like a short film and there is a mystique to it.

"I think that’s pretty cool," he said. "Since I’m the one who I wrote the song, it’s alright with me."

"Free Man" started off as two separate songs before Brunson decided to put them together.

"The bridge is about all of us being free in our hearts and minds and the chorus is about rearranging your love and heart through the hard times in life," he said.

The song will be included on the band’s new album, "Purple Mountains Majesty," which will be released in the spring.

"We are looking forward to the release, and are grateful to Park City for its support," Brunson said. "Even though we’re from Heber, the response we get from our audiences here make us feel like locals."

Holy Water Buffalo will perform at The Cabin, 825 Main St., on Saturday, Jan. 31, and host a special screening of its new music video, "Free Man," at 10 p.m. For more information, visit http://www.holywaterbuffalo.com .