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Homegrown Parkite wants to see the world

Steve Phillips, Record contributing writer

Alex Myers is about as close to a homegrown Parkite as you can get. Born Alexandria Myers (no one calls her that) in Springfield, Missouri, she moved with her family to Park City six months later. She’s been moving ever since. That’s her thing. "I love to travel and see new things, whether it’s somewhere far away or a new hike close to home. I’m passionate about doing and seeing as much as I can," she says. That explains why she’s seldom seen here during "mud season" and the summer months.

Myers is a product of the Park City school system from start to finish: kindergarten and elementary school at Parley’s Park; middle school at Treasure Mountain; grades 10 through 12 at Park City High School. She says she liked being involved at school and was in a lot of clubs. She was on the soccer team at PCHS and, in her senior year, manager of both the football and basketball teams. She was also a member of the Natural Helpers Club, a student group that welcomed new students and helped them become acclimated. "I thought it would be good to help the kids that were new because everybody gets nervous when they go to a new school. I liked to show them around," she says.

Though she excelled in English and writing classes, Myers says health and physical education classes were her favorites. "I liked being outside and the fact that I got to go skiing all the time," she explains. A precocious student, she graduated high school a year early.

Myers attended the University of Utah, graduating last year with a degree in health promotion and education. She currently working toward certification as a personal trainer. "I want to become a personal trainer so I can teach Pilates and Yoga. I want to learn as much as I can about the human body and how it works," she says. The 25-year-old adds she’s thinking about getting her master’s degree in health promotion and education.

For the past four winters Myers has worked at the Corner Store at Park City Mountain Resort. "I never thought I’d work as a server, but the money is very good and I like the flexibility it gives me to travel. It’s also helped me pay my way through college," she says.

Addicted to travel, she spent the last four summers working at the Denali Brewing Company, a brew pub in Talkeetka, Alaska. "It was really fun to go up there and experience Alaska. I saw lots of bears and moose and did some white water rafting," says Myers.

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Last fall Myers traveled through Thailand. "It was really an eye-opening experience," she says. "I’d never been out of the country before. It was kind of cool to live out of a backpack for a month and go to Internet cafes to find out what’s going on at home.

"I was curious about how servers live there, how much they’re paid," she continues. "Turns out they pay some of their waitresses $10 a day. That was like so crazy, what little they live on over there compared to how we live here. It was like, holy cow! I mean, I love Park City, I grew up here and it’s an amazing place, but I’ve been living in a bubble for a very long time."

Myers reflects on her hometown. "I’m actually very thankful that I was fortunate enough to grow up in such a beautiful place. It is difficult to watch how much Park City has already grown and how much more it will grow in the future. I hope we can always have the small-town feel."

In a rare departure, Myers is staying put in Park City this summer. "My sisters are both home this summer and I wanted to hang out with them. I haven’t been home much, so I thought it would be a good idea to stay here. I want to save some money and pay off my student loans," she says.

To that end, she’s working as a server at Maxwell’s this summer. "I just started bartending there and so far I really enjoy it," she says. Nevertheless, it’s hard to image Myers in one place for very long. "There is a lot we can get out of life and I’m passionate about trying new things and seeing new places. I want to see the world before I’m done, that’s all I want to do."


Favorite Activities: skiing, yoga, Pilates, hiking and road biking

Favorite food: Italian

Favorite reading: "Any reading; I am always open to a new book."

Favorite music/performers: country/Kenny Chesney

Bucket list: travel around the world

Animal companions: Chloe, a chocolate Lab, and Berkley, a toy Australian shepherd

Steve Phillips is a Park City-based writer and actor. Send your profile comments and suggestions to him at stevep2631@comcast.net