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J GO Gallery is on the move to the Rockwell Room

Jay Kelly’s collage, “Best Kept Secret,” utillizes vintage ski magazines that compose the background and subject of his work
Courtesy of J GO Gallery

J GO Gallery grand opening 6-9 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 28 The Rockwell Room, 268 Main St. 435-649-1006 Jgogallery.com

J GO Gallery is on the move.

Owner Jude Grenny has partnered with O.P. Rockwell manager Scott Thompson to move her gallery to the Rockwell Room, 268 Main St.

“I’m really excited about the new space, and I think we came up with this great match,” Grenny said. “It’s called J GO Gallery at the Rockwell Room, contemporary art in a creative community event space.”

Thompson will continue to present concerts and special events such as the upcoming Nashville Unplugged show on Dec. 27, in the space that will be adorned by art created by Grenny’s artist roster. (See accompanying box).

In addition, Stoked Coffee will maintain its business in the front area, according to Grenny.

“The music events will be set in a sophisticated, contemporary art gallery,” she said. “I will also do some event promotions there as well for some of my clients and artists.”

The gallery will have its official grand opening with a free artist reception during the Park City Gallery Association Gallery Stroll from 6-9 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 28.

The showcased art is created by longtime J GO artist Jay Kelly, and a new artist Will Armstrong, Grenny said.

Kelly, who Grenny has represented for 18 years, creates collage art.

“He’ll take thousands of bits of vintage paper to create a work that is covered with resin,” she said. “For this show, he has created some vintage skiers, which is relevant to the local population here.”

Kelly creates his backgrounds from vintage ski magazines that date back to the 1930.

“You might see ads or words that refer to Park City or skiing in Utah within the images,” Grenny said. “It’s fun to see the equipment advertisements, ski forms and texts that paint a picture of skiing through the ages.”

Armstrong, who is a radio host in Richmond, Virginia, also makes collages, and is what Grenny calls a visual storyteller.

“His themes are mostly about music — where it comes from and where it takes listeners to,” she said. “The backgrounds are comprised of maps and sheet music, and he will draw on top of them with an oil pen to create stories that were inspired by lyrics.”

Some of the images mix music history timelines.

J GO Gallery artists

• Will Armstrong
• Elaine Coombs
• Michael Dickter
• Denise Duong
• Jay Kelly
• Curtis Olson
• Siddharth Parasnis
• Heather Patterson
• Cordell Taylor
• Rose Umerlik
• Carole Wade

“In one of his works called ‘Scratching Circles,’ the musicians look like they could be from the Duke Ellington era, and the person at the bar looks like he could be a modern-day hipster,” Grenny said. “Then on the wall you will see Johnny Cash and Farrah Fawcett posters. So the viewer can make up their own narrative of what’s going on.”

Grenny looks forward to sharing the art in the new J GO space with her clients.

“I have about 3,000 square feet that I can work with,” she said. “Because the space is so big and has high ceilings, I can show more bigger formatted pieces. I’ll also have a catalog of smaller works that people can browse through.”

Grenny began discussing the new gallery model with Thompson this past summer.

“I talked with Scott and initially thought about doing this in addition to my gallery,” she said. “But after seeing how big the space was and that my lease in the other space was ending, I decided to go into a different direction. This, to me, is a more vibrant art gallery model.”

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