Kimball Art Center offers time-related education |

Kimball Art Center offers time-related education

The intricate engravings of antique pocketwatches are some of the images that are on display at the Kimball Art Center's new exhibit "Art of the TimePiece." (Photo by Karol Renau)

The Kimball Art Center’s new exhibit, "Art of the Timepiece," offers some some unusual educational aspects, said Jenny Diersen, education director of the Kimball Art Center.

"It’s a great exhibit because it ties in a lot with history, science and a little bit of math," Diersen told The Park Record. "It’s great for kids to come see with their schools or families. They can learn some of the history of human beings’ fascination with keeping time, since the beginning of time."

To complement the display that will spread into all three KAC galleries, Diersen and her committee will offer a ceramic sundial making class and free arts school tours.

"The tours are free and come with a lesson plan that is based on the national and state core curriculum," she said. "Teachers can use the lesson plan in their classrooms, and our goal is to serve 3,000 students through these tours with this exhibit."

Diersen and her team designed the lesson plans.

"We looked at some of the timepieces and stories that went along with them and made sure they adhered to the curriculum and core subjects of art and history and art and science," she said. "Teachers just need to give us a call to set up a time to bring their classes to the Kimball, or set up a time for us to visit them with their classes at the schools."

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The educational programs will include a computer presentation and an art project to reinforce the lessons.

"We have a series of timepieces that were influenced by the railroads and Industrial Revolution," Diersen explained. "Some of the things we have today, that help keep time more accurate, were made possible by some of the inventions and ideas that came from those early eras.

"It’s interesting to study historic cultures and wonder why we are obsessed with time," she said. "We all look at our phones and watches regularly during the day. So this is relevant and important to understand the history with some of these significant timepieces."

The programs are appropriate for students of any age, and the exhibit is great for Kindergartners as well as high schoolers, Diersen said.

For more information about the Kimball Art Center’s "Art of the Timepiece" educational programs, visit the KAC at 638 Park Ave., call 435-649-8882 or visit .