Life is a Peech for Park City-based hip-hop artist who is finding success on Spotify and YouTube |

Life is a Peech for Park City-based hip-hop artist who is finding success on Spotify and YouTube

Park City-based rapper Peech, born Harry Lawson, is finding success with more than 35,000 listeners and 1 million streams on Spotify and more than 300,000 views on YouTube.
Courtesy of Peech

For information about Peech, visit or @peech on Instagram.

Harry Lawson is living the dream.

The 2019 Park City High School graduate is making a mark on the hip-hop scene as Peech, and has already recruited more than 35,000 listeners on Spotify and racked up more than 1 million streams. And the video for his latest single, “Ivy,” has garnered more than 300,000 views on YouTube.

“It’s so cool to see people from all over the world getting into what I’m doing,” Lawson said. “I’m stoked to have a real fan base.”

Lawson’s introduction to music was through the southern California punk rock band Pennywise.

Songwriting to me is like walking with words…” Peech, Park City-based rapper

“My dad was close to the band and we spent a lot of time around it,” Lawson said. “Sometimes they would invite us up on stage to perform with them, but I didn’t really start thinking of making my own music until I was a freshman in high school.”

At that time, Lawson had been ingesting a lot of punk and hip-hop, most notably Kid Kudi.

“I just put them all together to form my own sound and all that,” he said.

When it came to choosing his stage name, Lawson tapped into an old nickname his friends called him when he was younger.

“People would call me Harry Peaches, so when I started doing music, I tried to find a name that was meaningful to me,” he said. “So I shortened it up and changed the spelling to make it more memorable and pop out on search engines.”

After releasing his debut album two years ago, Lawson has been focusing on expanding his musical reach. Last month he was signed to a record label and management company, Tha Lights Global, that works with artists such as Lil Pump and Dominic Fike, and they are working on a few projects, including some new music videos.

“I’m working on getting some new shows lined up, but it’s a little harder because of the coronavirus,” he said. “I’m scheduled to do a concert in Southern Utah on Dec. 4, if the restrictions get lifted.”

Lawson writes lyrics that are meaningful to himself, but also tries to write them in ways that his listeners can enjoy hearing.

“I usually write about what I’m feeling in the moment,” he said. “I have my own studio at my house and will go in there all day and form something based on how I’m feeling or stuff that’s going on.”

Lawson has a network of producers who send him beats and instrumental tracks, and if he likes something, he’ll select it and begin collaborating.

“The main thing I go by when I choose the music is that it has to give me the chills,” he said. “It has to hit me in order for me to make something meaningful and be happy with.”

Lawson’s songwriting has evolved over the years.

“Songwriting to me is like walking with words,” he said. “I have gone from facing the difficulty of coming up with the right words and music to a point where things come naturally and second nature.”

Although Lawson usually doesn’t run into challenges while songwriting, there are times when he’ll get writer’s block or can’t find a beat he likes.

“When that happens, I’ll step away for a bit and then come back to it,” he said.

In the meanwhile, Lawson has plans for the more than 70 songs he has lined up waiting to drop online.

“I’ve been in a lull right now due to lining up the other projects, but I plan to drop a new song on Jan. 7, and then drop one every six weeks after,” he said. “I think back to when I started, and basically was doing this all for myself, and it’s been nice to see that people are liking what I’m putting out.”

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