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Local author organizes book hunt to celebrate ‘The Boy in Glasses’

Registration open for Aug. 26 event

Author and teacher Channing Leitch Olch’s new children’s book “The Boy In Glasses” was inspired by her son Winston.

“My husband and I found that my son, Winston, at three months, had inherited my eyes and needed thick prescription glasses,” Olch said during an interview with The Park Record. “I don’t know if was my hormones or me being a new mom, but I went into this panic, and I thought about what his school experience would be like.”

As a teacher at Weilenmann School of Discovery for five years and at Rowland Hall for two, Olch noticed the kids who needed extra time and extra emotional support to learn.

“They were the ones who made me want to go back to work every morning,” she said. “So I wanted to find a way to tell them that they were much more inspiring than they knew.”

So, she wrote the book, which will launch on Saturday, Aug. 26.

To celebrate, Olch and a handful of Park City businesses will throw a book hunt.

“I will be at Dolly’s Bookstore at 3 p.m., but the hunt can start around 10 a.m.,” Olch said.

The hunt will start at Dolly’s, and it has the potential to lead readers to Atticus, Root’d, Flight Boutique, Habit and the Park City Library.

“Readers will start at Dolly’s where they will find a clue there that will lead them to the next location,” Olch said. “Once they get to the next location, there will either be a clue on how to get to the next place, or they will find a book that contains a personalized written letter inside.

“Each location will have a treat of some sort that has to do with reading.”

Registration is required in order for the hunt to work correctly.

“When readers register, there is a place for them to write what grade they’re in,” Olch said. “That way the older readers will have more complicated clues to work through. I wanted to make this an experience for readers.”

Parents can register their children by visiting http://www.theboyinglasses.com.

The author came up with the book hunt idea a few weeks ago after Dolly’s agreed to carry “The Boy in Glasses.”

“They wanted me to do a book signing, and that almost mortified me,” Olch said with a laugh. “I then asked if we could do something else in addition to just having the readers meet me.”

Olch said she wrote the book quickly last September.

“It was illustrated in November,” she said. “I tried to illustrate it, but I wasn’t very good at doing that.”

So she recruited local artist Kory Fluckiger to do the drawings.

Olch is also working with Katie Mullaly — author of the “Land of And” children’s books.

“Katie is working with me to design the book and is acting as a publisher,” Olch said. “But once the book is published, it will be mine.”

Olch said she feels the best part of “The Boy In Glasses” is that readers will be able to relate to the characters.

“There are no names in the book, so the characters could be anyone the readers know,” she said.

That said, Olch added a challenge.

“If someone who reads the book can’t identify with any of the characters, they can create their own character and send it to me and I might put that character in my next book,” she said.

A book hunt will celebrate the release of Channing Leitch Olch’s new children’s book “The Boy In Glasses,” on Saturday, Aug. 26. To register, visit http://www.theboyinglasses.com.