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Local author says ‘Honey… I’m Just Getting Started’

Most people look at their 50th birthday in one of two ways. Some see it as the beginning of the end, while others see it as a new beginning.

Park City-based author Trish Walker, who will be at Dolly’s Bookstore for book signing on Sunday, decided she wasn’t going to let the big 5-0 bring her down, and that’s why she wrote her new book, ‘Oh Honey… I’m Just Getting Started.’

The book is Walker’s own “Fifty for 50” list that goes beyond spa treatments. It’s filled with trips, excursions and adventures she did once she turned 50.

“The night before I turned 50 two years ago, my brother sent me a text that said, ‘Congratulations. You’re half dead,’” Walker said with a laugh. “That text lit a spark for me to look at life at a different way, and I decided that I would do 50 new things for my 50th year.”

Walker decided those adventures weren’t just pamper days like a getting her nails done.

“My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s when she was 54, so I wanted to go into my 50s different than my mom did,” Walker said. “I wanted to experience ‘aha’ moments, which I classified as things that come out of the norm of how my family expected and still expects me to act.”

For inspiration, Walker quizzed her friends about what they would do when they turn 50.

“I got a lot of answers like they would help me pick out my casket to ‘we’re ready to rock this with you,’” she said laughing. “I also came up with ideas myself and the first one was to stop and listen to people, without just listening to respond or talking over them.”

To record her new journey, Walker started a blog called “50 for a Year.”

“I used to work in the corporate world and did the stay-at-home mom thing for a couple of years,” she said. “I kind of lost myself. So, the blog was a new project for me.”

The idea to turn the blog entries into a book sprouted a year ago while Walker was at a conference.

“One of the coaches asked me about myself,” she said. “I told him what I was doing and that I would like to find myself.”

Walker mentioned her blog as an afterthought.

“The coach asked about it and after I told him, he told me I needed to turn it into a book and then become a coach for others,” Walker said. “So, the chapters in the book are based on my blog entries, and the difference is at the end of each chapter, I say, ‘Now it’s your turn’ and give exercises for readers to create your best [selves.]”

“Oh Honey… I’m just Getting Started” is filled with adventures as simple as being positive to more involved adventures such as learning how to drive at Exotics Racing in Las Vegas, and attending the Hollywood premiere of “Fast & Furious 7,” to visiting the Experience Music Project in Seattle and Riding the High Roller coaster in Las Vegas.

The impacts of these adventures will always stay with Walker.

“When I was at the movie premiere, it felt like the world was one big family,” she said. “There were all of these people from different backgrounds and nationalities. It felt right and gave me some hope for the future.”

Throughout the writing experience, Walker’s road was peppered with synchronicities.

“For example, I met friends of friends and friends of their friends and one person who happened to be the best friend of the late actor, Paul Walker [no relation to Trish Walker] that paved the way for me to attend the film premiere,” Walker said.

The entry is the perfect way to end the book. It’s about riding the High Roller coaster in Las Vegas.

“For my 50th entry, I had thought about going with my friends to Tahiti or something like that, but my son said I needed to go on this ride,” Walker said. “I really thought about it and since my son was with me on my first adventure (to hike the rim of Stewart Falls), I told him that we needed to do this together.”

During the ride, Walker had the “perfect” moment.

“Just before the coaster rolled down the track, it stopped for a second at the apex at 550 feet and there was a sign that said ‘Zen,’“ she said. “It was really cool.”

Walker is happy with how “Oh Honey… I’m Just Getting Started” turned out.

“If you would have asked me a year ago if I would write a book, I would have been — ‘Nope!’“ she said with a laugh. “However, I’ve always had a book in me, and now that I did one, I realized that I’ve always been interested in writing.”

Walker also thanked members of the Park City community for helping her on this journey.

Stacy Dymalski, a Park City-based author and instructor of the Accelerated Authors Program, coached Walker throughout the process. Local author Katie Mullaly designed the book, and Michelle Rayner of Cosmic Design designed the book cover.

“It all came together and I had an awesome time doing this,” Walker said. “And I would like to say Park City is filled with resources and if you have a book inside of you, you need to get it out.”

Park City’s Trish Walker, author of “Oh Honey… I’m Just Getting Started,’ will read and sign her book on Sunday, Nov. 6, at 3 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. For more information, visit http://www.dollysbookstore.com.

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