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Local author says it’s time to Kickstart “Land of Now”

The colorful art of Toby Allenhas adorned Park City author Katie Mullaly's "Land of" children's book series. Mullaly will start a crowdsourcing campaign for her fourth book, “Land of Now,” at Kickstarter.com on Wednesday, Oct. 17.
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Author Katie Mullaly launched her crowdsourcing campaign for her new book “Land of Now” Wednesday, Oct. 17 and can be found here.

No better time than the present for Park City-based author Katie Mullaly’s new children’s book, aptly titled “Land of Now.”

The author is crowdsourcing donations to publish the book – the fourth in her “Land of” series that include “Land of Or,” “Land of And” and “Land of I Am.”

The book’s Kickstarter campaign began Wednesday, and Mullaly has 30 days to reach her $10,000 goal. The money raised will allow Mullaly to print and distribute 2,500 books.

Mullaly decided to pursure crowdsourcing because of different reasons.

We look around and realize we were obsessing about the future or can’t let go of the past; and not thinking about the present…” Katie Mullaly, Park City-based author

The first was the success of the “Land of” series, which has sold 7,500 books to date, she said.

“With this next book, I thought it would be nice to have it pre-funded,” she said. “I wanted to let the fans help us get the fourth book out.”

The second reason for turning to Kickstarter was the opportunity to offer rewards for donors, which will help get the books into schools.

“Donors can choose to have their books sent to a school of their choice,” she said. “Not everyone has kids to read these books to, but we all know of a school that could use more mindfulness tools.”

The third reason for choosing the online platform is because of its international reach, which would also benefit artist Toby Allen.

“I’m hoping the campaign will showcase not only the book, but Toby art,” she said.

Allen, who is known for his work on “Charli’s Choices,” a children’s book meant to aid selectively mute children and their parents, has illustrated all of Mullaly’s books to date.

“He is a wonderful artist, and he will be creating some original art for oud donor rewards,” she said.

“Land of Now,” like all of Mullaly’s books, teaches life lessons to readers.

“The kid in the story finds himself in chaos and haze and searches for a guide,” she said. “Unlike the other books, the guide doesn’t move, but looks so peaceful and calm.”

When the child asks how the guide can be so calm with all of the chaos, the guide answers: ‘I’m in the Land of Now,’ which is in your head.”

Mullaly said being mindful of the present is a lesson that both children and adults should learn.

“How many of us take a moment to listen and compartmentalize our thoughts?” She asked. “Usually our thoughts take over, run amok and control the day. So by the end of the day, we look around and realize we were obsessing about the future or can’t let go of the past; and not thinking about the present.”

The goal of “Land of Now” is to teach readers how to separate their thoughts from their identities.

“Our thoughts aren’t who we are, so when we hear them in a separate and distinct way, we will be able to something about them,” Mullaly said. “If they fly around your head, there is no way to differentiate them and help them take shape.”

The idea for “Land of Now” emerged after Mullaly read Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now,” Michael A. Singer’s “The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself,” and listened to seminars that address separating thoughts from emotions.

“This is something that I’m also trying to incorporate in my own life, but these concepts are so easily pushed aside because I kept thinking that I needed to worry about the future and limit the past,” she said.

Mullaly began to change her thinking last December when she sat down to work on a previous entry in the series, “The Land of When.” She said she had some intangible help.

“The muses, as they were, kept tapping my shoulder and telling me that they wanted me to write ‘Land of Now,’” she said with a laugh. “So, I decided to make ‘Land of When’, which is fittingly about patience,wait for a second time.”

Mullaly feels writing “Land of Now” was the correct decision in her grand scheme of things.

“It had been festering in my brain, but I also think that it’s time because there are so many distractions that are coming at us from the world today,” she said. “Politics, life and things (like that) are making it hard for us to enjoy the moment and seeing the beauty around us.”

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