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Local fundraiser will benefit the Nepal Youth Foundation

After two earthquakes devastated Nepal in the past couple months, many people have wanted to help with relief efforts.

While many didn’t know where to start, part-time Park City residents Brad Jacobson and his girlfriend Adrienne Love decided to organize a fundraiser.

The event will be held at the Waldorf Astoria at Canyons Resort on Sunday, May 31, beginning at 10 a.m. and will feature free yoga and a book signing by author Olga Murray, founder of the Nepal Youth Foundation.

The Nepal Youth Foundation (NYF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing "freedom, shelter and education to Nepal’s most impoverished children," according to its mission statement.

Jacobson and Love decided to organize the fundraiser because of their connection to Murray.

"We rented Olga’s apartment nearly two years ago in Sausalito, California, while she was working in Nepal," said Love during a conference call to The Park Record from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and Le Mars, Iowa. "For a good part of a year, we lived amongst gifts, relics, pictures and other artifacts that were reflective of her work in Nepal."

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Throughout the stay, Love and Jacobson met people who would pick up items and letters of appreciation for Murray to help her with her memoir.

"These things just seeped into our minds and we became deeply inspired and humbled by the work she did," Love said. "We have always wanted to support her, but didn’t know how."

Then the earthquakes hit.

"When the first earthquake hit in Nepal, Olga was over there," Love said. "I contacted her to see how she was."

Luckily Murray was OK, albeit a little shaken up.

"I told her we wanted to help and she told us that they really needed money to support the earthquake relief and maintain the efforts of her organization," Love said. "Brad and I have been living in Park City during the winter and I have taught yoga at the Waldorf since January. But as a yoga teacher, I didn’t have many resources to help, but I knew many people who did. So I thought I could mobilize Park City’s yoga community to pool its resources and efforts to maybe do something to make a difference."

Love contacted the Waldorf Astoria and asked if she could hold a fundraiser.

"The Waldorf is incredible to work with and are open to any event and workshop that I want to host," she said. "When I mentioned the fundraiser they were so eager to help."

In the past couple weeks, word of the fundraiser got out and there has been a great response of support, Jacobson added.

"People saw this Nepal tragedy happen on the news and it wasn’t just one, but two earthquakes," he said. "But being halfway around the world, many people who wanted to help didn’t know where to start, so we felt because this was such a hot topic right now and given our relationship with Olga, we should incorporate something that would attract people for the right reason, which is to raise money for the foundation and relief effort."

Jacobson and Love also thought they should add an element of joy and happiness into the event.

"So we thought we would intertwine the fundraising with yoga and create a sense of gratitude, blessing and perspective," Jacobson said.

The event is designed to keep the overhead low, so all the funds raised will benefit the Nepal Youth Foundation, Love said.

"The funds will be raised through Pledgeling.com," she explained. "They are a start-up organization that we’re working with and we’re directing people to its event page (http://www.pledgeling.com/organizations/2352/nepal-youth-foundation ) and are asking people to make donations ahead of time.

"The reason is because we won’t have the resources to accept credit-card donations at the event," she said. "We will be able to accept cash and checks, if people want to donate that way."

The website will have a donation schedule, but even if people can’t give money, Love would still like them to attend the event.

"People can RSVP on the website and that would be great because it will help us with planning," she said. "But even if people don’t RSVP, we would like them to come on in, because the more the merrier."

"Even if people can’t attend, but want to donate to the cause, the Pledgeling website will allow people to donate remotely," Jacobson said. "Again, the more the merrier in the event participation, but we also understand if people’s schedules won’t allow them to attend."

In addition to the free yoga that will be taught by Love, Murray will be signing her memoir, "Olga’s Promise."

The book is about her work in Nepal and how the Nepal Youth Foundation came to be, according to Love.

"Coincidentally, Olga’s 90th birthday is the day after the fundraiser and she was also planning to release her memoir on June 3," she said. "I had read an earlier version of the book and not only was it fascinating, but it also moved me deeply. She will bring some copies and sign them."

The fundraiser will be held rain or shine, Love said.

"The event space is a white tent with a wooden floor," she said. "So even if it’s windy, rainy or muddy, we’ll still do this."

The Nepal Youth Foundation fundraiser that will raise money for earthquake relief in Nepal will be held at the Waldorf Astoria at Canyons Resort, Sunday, May 31, beginning at 10 a.m. Doors open at 9:30 a.m. For more information, to donate or RSVP, visit http://www.pledgeling.com/organizations/2352/nepal-youth-foundation . For more information about the Nepal Youth Foundation, visit http://www.nepalyouthfoundation.org . Anyone interested in sponsoring a portion of the event can contact Adrienne Love by emailing adrienneloveyoga@gmail.com.