Main Street Music Crawl returns for second year |

Main Street Music Crawl returns for second year

On Saturday, Main Street will come alive with throngs of local residents enjoying local music at local venues during the second annual KPCW Main Street Music Crawl presented by Red Ledges.

The Music Crawl, which starts at 7:30 p.m., is kind of like a progressive dinner sans the food. It will celebrate at three venues: O.P. Rockwell, The Spur Bar & Grill and Flanagan's on Main.

The idea originated with Randy Barton, producer and host of KPCW's afternoon show,
The Local View, and John Wells, producer and host of Cool Science Radio and host of s The Morning Mix.

"A couple of Augusts ago, I talked with Peggy Ijams, who was my cohost for The Morning Mix at the time, and said doing the show was fun, but I wanted to do an event — a concert of something — that would have live local music," Wells said. "She thought it was a good idea, so I sat down with Randy, who also has local musicians in his shows."

Barton told Wells about a music crawl he did years ago with Mountain Town Stages, the precursor to the Mountain Town Stages nonprofit.

"I liked it and said, 'let's do that,' and we did it last year," Wells said.

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"The idea was to celebrate local music, local venues and local radio," Barton said. "It's that time of year, specifically that weekend, where there isn't a lot going on. We wanted to create something that would showcase our local talent in one event."

The event exceeded Wells' and Barton's expectations.

"We filled the top of Main with a great crowd," Barton said. "We had about 1,000 locals show up."

Participants can decide where they want to start the party.

"People can choose one of the three they would like to check into first this year," Barton said. "At 9 p.m., everyone will take to the street and make a lot of noise while heading to the next venue of their choice. Then we'll do it again at 11 p.m."

Each venue will feature a host. Christie Dilloway will be at O.P. Rockwell. Juliana Allely will be at The Spur and Jen Smith be the host at Flanagan's on Main.

"They will welcome everyone and make sure they're all having a good time and enjoying themselves," Barton said.

The live music will be performed by Break on Through, a Doors tribute with Junior, a staple of the local music scene at O.P. Rockwell. Rage Against the Supremes will play at The Spur and Sin City Soul will perform in the basement of Flanagan's while Tony Oros plays upstairs.

"Break on Through is an extraordinary Doors cover band and Rage Against the Supremes is a wonderful dance band," Wells said. "Tony Oros is a great solo cover artist and Sin City Soul is probably my favorite band."

Ticket prices will adjust throughout the night.

Between 7:30-9 p.m., tickets will cost $35 per person.

"The price includes two drinks that KPCW will buy for each participant, admission to all three venues and some accessories that will light up throughout the night," Barton said.

"When you get 400 or 500 local [residents] who are dressed up in Park City eccentric fashions, adorned in flashing lights and walking down Main Street, it makes for a fun time," Wells said.

From 9-11 p.m. admission is $20. That will include admission to the venues and two drinks.

The price will drop to $10 at 11 p.m. and the price will only cover admission to the venues. Then at midnight, admission to the venues is $5.

"Food won't be offered," Barton said. "So, we suggest that people eat at home before heading up."

When Wells and Barton got together to plan the KPCW Main Street Music Crawl, they wanted to make it an annual event.

"The thought was that the holiday season begins at Thanksgiving and Park City will be inundated by visitors and tourists between then and the second week of April for skiing," Wells said. "While we love sharing our town with these people, the local residents harken back to the day when Park City was just ours. So, this is a party for local people, local venues and local music."

"It's a big local celebration where people get together," Barton said. "It's economically wonderful for the bars and bands and the enjoyment for the locals.

"It's not a fundraiser by any means," he said with a laugh. "This is KPCW's way of throwing a party for the locals and we would like to continue to let it grow with more bands and more venues."

The KPCW Main Street Music Crawl presented by Red Ledges will start at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 12. For more information, visit