Maria Borghoff offers visual and mindful art workshops |

Maria Borghoff offers visual and mindful art workshops

Kimball Art Center will host sessions

The Kimball Art Center offers classes that enlighten the mind through visual art.

This weekend’s Visiting Artist Workshop Series is designed to not only enlighten the mind but also the body through gentle yoga and somatic drawing.

“As an art center, we have the privilege to offer some unique experiences to the community and elevate our class levels,” Education Department Manager Jocelyn Scudder told The Park Record. “These workshops are different and students will get the opportunity to gain knowledge in new art practices.”

Maria Borghoff is the artist who will lead the first series of classes.

“Maria is from Atlanta and works at a studio called Groove Studios,” Scudder said. “She is an artist, but also focuses on the art of wellness and teaches somatic psychology and many different types of yogas in museums, art centers and other community centers.”

Borghoff will offer yoga for creatives classes from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, June 17 and 18, at the Kimball Art Center. Registration deadline is Wednesday, June 14, at the end of the day.

Registration can be made by visiting

“We do have open registration, so people can select both classes or just take a Saturday or Sunday class,” Scudder said.

Saturday’s participants will create tactile weavings and participate in gentle-movement yoga throughout the day.

“Maria’s specialty is creating wall hangings,” Scudder said. “The class will use fabric, paper, found materials and things like that to create their own weavings.”

Sunday’s class will be a ceramics-focused workshop.

“Participants will create sculptural platters that will reflect unique experiences of perception and action,” Scudder said.

The platters will be fired at the Kimball Art Center.

“I think this will be really exciting,” Scudder said. “These classes are a great way to open yourself to yoga and then make something beautiful.”

Borghoff will also offer somatic drawing workshops Monday through Thursday, June 19 to 22. Although it is a four-day workshop, people can register for one or all four classes.

“Maria described somatic drawing as a practice where people can learn to see from multiple perspectives that surrounds a tangible experience from a present moment,” Scudder said. “Somatic means living body. So, when we practice somatic drawing, we are turned inward to what it means to be a living, breathing human being.”

The class will explore the five koshas, which are the layers of the body, through mindfulness, observational practices and internal landscape studies by using various methods and materials for drawings.

“They will do a sketches and a series of completed drawings,” Scudder said.

Borghoff contacted Scudder earlier this year about the classes.

“I loved Maria’s ideas and thought it’s something different,” Scudder said. “We have such and active community. I thought she would fit in well here.

“I thought of how mindful people are in our community and felt Maria’s classes would fit perfectly in our community.”

Not only is Scudder excited to offer Borghoff’s workshops to the community, she is looking forward to learning more about Borghoff’s craft.

“I have the privilege to curate these experiences for people, and although the bulk of our offerings is in visual arts, because we’re an art center, that’s not all we can do,” she said. “We can have yoga classes here because of the gallery space and open classrooms.”

Maria Borghoff will offer a series of mindful art classes that will start on Friday, June 17, at the Kimball Art Center. Registration deadline is at the end of the day Wednesday, June 14. For information or to register, visit

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