Meyer Gallery presents ‘Emerging Artist Primavera’ |

Meyer Gallery presents ‘Emerging Artist Primavera’

Scott Iwasaki
The Meyer GalleryÕs ÒEmerging Artist PrimaveraÓ exhibit will include works from new artists sculptor Spencer BuddÕs plastic and clay sculpture ÒDisposable.Ó (Courtesy of the Meyer Gallery)

Art dealers and collectors alike love to see new art by emerging artists, said Susan Meyer, owner of the Meyer Gallery.

"We enjoy being introduced to new ideas and we like to discover new techniques," Meyer said during an interview with The Park Record. "That being said, Meyer Gallery, alone, receives on average 300 applications/submissions a year, and sometimes that can become a little overwhelming."

So, the Meyer Gallery, 305 Main St., decided to present a new exhibit called "Emerging Artist Primavera," which will feature 50 works by 27 artists who are mostly from Utah. The opening reception will be held during the Park City Gallery Association Gallery Stroll on Friday, March 27, from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m.

The idea came from a brainstorm session between Meyer and landscape artist Brittany Scott.

"Brittany is an artist we represent, and she sits on the Provo Arts Council and co-founded an organization called the Creative Collaborative, so she has her finger on the pulse and spoke with people and opened it up," Meyer said. "She told us about all of these artists she knows who would love to have an opportunity to show in a gallery, but don’t know how to or feel confident to submit, or were just turned down.

"I thought this would be a fun opportunity for us," she said. "I could provide the space and do the marketing and she would procure the applicants."

The only stipulation in the jury process was not to bring in artists who have a lot of gallery experience.

"It was okay if an artist had one group gallery show or an institution show somewhere along the way, but other than that, these artists are fresh and fairly new to the art world," Meyer said.

The call for artists went out in March and the response was quick.

"We heard from 127 artists and received about 280 pieces for a first-year event," Meyer said. "That surprised me because I had done an emerging artist show 12 years ago and received only 15 submissions."

"Well, once the submissions for this show came in, we realized it would be a pretty large show and knew we needed to cap it somewhere," she said. "We thought 50 seemed like a good number, so the show is an average of two pieces per artist."

While most of the artists hail from Utah, there are works by students who attend Brigham Young University – Idaho that will also be on display.

"Somehow the flyer was posted in their art department and we’ve received some great submissions from there," Meyer said. "It is pretty diverse, but we only received one sculptor, and fortunately, he’s a very interesting sculptor.

"There are some amazing sculptors in Utah, so understanding how this process evolved will help me reach out to other artistic specialties next year," she said.

The exhibit will be shown in Meyer Gallery’s upstairs space.

"That area is much larger than our downstairs space," she said. "Also, most of the artists will be in attendance, so it will just fit better."

Meyer said she may even pick up a few artists to represent from the show.

"I’m an art dealer first and foremost, so this is a wonderful opportunity for me to see some pieces that I wouldn’t have exposure to," she said. "I am also inviting other gallery owners as well, because there may be some artists that aren’t right for me who may be right for other galleries."

The show will run for one month.

"Most of the shows here don’t run that long, but May and June are a little quieter," Meyer said. "That’s nice because we’ll have the luxury to hang it longer."

Pulling together the "Emerging Artist Primavera" has been a great experience and Meyer wants to do it again.

"There is an obvious appetite for it," she said. "Next year, we’ll see if we can get more sculptors involved because there are some amazing sculptors who do great work in Utah."

Artists participating in "Emerging Artist Primavera"

Pamela Barrios, Mike Bohman, Don Bosley, Spencer Budd, Howard Fullmer, Juan Gasca, Jeanne Gomm, C.J. Hales, Alane Hillam, Whitney Horrocks, Kate Johnson, Emily Larsen, Jenedy Paige, Rebecca Pletsch, Katherine Ricks, Max Rosenzweig, Colby Sanford, Tyran Schouten, Andrea Simonsen, Sabrina Squires, Cindy Stapleton, Nyla Tillery, Claire Tollstrup, Jen Tolman, KayLin Turley, Jenna Von Benedikt, Ellie Wilson, Jane Woodhead.

Meyer Gallery, 305 Main St., will open "Emerging Artist Primavera," an exhibit featuring 50 works from 27 new artists on Friday, May 27, from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. For more information, visit