Meyer Gallery will host ‘Une Petite Nuit’ |

Meyer Gallery will host ‘Une Petite Nuit’

Art comes in all sizes and shapes, and Meyer Gallery owner Susan Meyer wants to show beautiful things can come in small packages. So, the gallery will open the “Une Petite Nuit” exhibit during the Park City Gallery Association’s monthly gallery stroll on Friday, Sept 30. “Une Petite Nuit,” which translates from French to One Little Night, will showcase at least 80 works from gallery artists, Meyer said during an interview with The Park Record. “We initially planned on showcasing small works by 25 artists, but it has been growing,” she said. “We sent out an open invitation to artists who are represented by the gallery, and originally had 18 respond, which was plenty for a fun show. But now it seems the enthusiasm from our artists has grown, and we’ve gotten more responses.” All the works will measure 16 inches by 16 inches or smaller. “That includes paintings, small sculptures and small photography,” Meyer said. “It’s going to be a fun grouping.” The exhibit will be shown on the gallery’s lower level because on Oct. 18, the Meyer Gallery will open another exhibit featuring works by select University of Utah students in the upper level. “This is the first time that we’ve done a show like this in a very long time,” Meyer said. Meyer said “Une Petite Nuit” is one of two shows in Park City that showcases small-piece art. “There is another great small-works show called the Massively Small Show in town that the J GO Gallery puts on, but I think there is more room for another small-art show,” Meyer said. The “Une Petite Nuit” artists so far are as follows:

  • Douglas Aagard
  • Paige Anderson
  • Andrew Ballstaedt
  • Craig Blietz
  • Casey Childs
  • Caitlin Connolly
  • Gwen Davidson
  • Leslie Duke
  • Michelle Haglund
  • CJ Hales
  • Melinda Hall
  • Adam Hansen
  • Frank Huff
  • Brian Kershisnik
  • Jacqui Larsen
  • Jeffery R. Pugh
  • Chris Reilly
  • David Riley
  • Fatima Ronquillo
  • Max Rosenzweig
  • Colby Sanford
  • Brittany Scott
  • Andrea Simonsen
  • Britt Snyder
  • Jenna Von Benedikt
  • Seth Winegar “All of the artists were extremely excited and what I’m tickled about is that I rarely receive works from Fatima Ronquillo or Brian Kershisnik outside of their own show,” Meyer said. “They are so highly in demand, and they are both sending me new works. So this will feature works from a deep bench.” Many of the locally based artists and emerging artists will attend the opening. “I feel honored to have new artists here, because we always talk about a show growing legs, and these artists are just growing their legs,” Meyer said. “It’s fun to have them here and watch them grow over the years.” Shows like these are beneficial for both the artist and the buyer, she said. “First off, creating a small piece of work is less of a commitment for the artist,” Meyer explained. “With a small work, you can be a lot more spontaneous, because it’s different than sitting down in front of a canvas that measures 60 inches by 60 inches. With a piece that size, the artist has to think it through very carefully about how you’re going to invest your time and energy.” Secondly, small works are more affordable for people who want art in their homes. “It makes it more accessible for them,” Meyer said. “There will be some pieces in the show that will sell for only a few hundred dollars as opposed to thousands of dollars.” In addition, many people have more room for small art than they do for big art. “Personally, I have a lot of small works in my house,” Meyer said. “I, along with many other people, have more areas that can show small works.” The goal for the “Une Petite Nuit” is to anchor the Meyer Gallery calendar. “I wanted to incorporate a couple of shows, annual events, into our calendar that create a little more structure to the year,” Meyer said. “One of those shows, the Emerging Artist Show, we did in the spring and it was widely successful.” That show received submissions from more than 180 artists, before Meyer and her staff narrowed the list down to 30. “It was well attended and supported by the community and we plan on doing that again next year,” Meyer said. “So, we are so excited about ‘Une Petite Nuit,’ and we hope the community will come and support it as well.” Aside from the art, the gallery will have music performed by the Sunset Violin Duet, which is comprised of members of the Oquirrh String Band, an ensemble that plays folk and classical music. “Also, in the spirit of an evening out in France, we’ll have small pastries from Cakes de Fleur in Salt Lake City,” Meyer said. “Hopefully that will balance out to be a fun evening.” The Meyer Gallery, 305 Main St., will open its new exhibit “Une Petite Nuit,” which will showcase small works by 25 artists, on Friday, Sept. 30, during the Park City Gallery Association Gallery Stroll, from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. The works all measure 16 inches by 16 inches. The event is free and open to the public. For more information, visit