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Miners Day volunteers keep things on track

Park City’s annual Miners Day is less than a week away and organizers are busy tying up loose ends.

The celebration on Monday, Sept. 7, has about "a million moving parts that need attention," according to Paul Hewitt, who is in his third year as Miners Day chairman.

"This is one hell of an event to orchestrate," Hewitt said during an interview with The Park Record. "We have a committee from the Rotary Club of Park City who organize and orchestrate the goings on of the Miner’s Day Festival," Hewitt explained. "We also work very closely with Park City Municipal’s special events coordinators."

Everything from the biplanes doing the flyover on Main Street and the Miners Day Parade to the Running of the Balls and the mucking and drilling contest need to be coordinated and organized.

"Those are just the big events," Hewitt said. "There are a lot of little jobs that need to be done as well, and all of these little pieces have to go off."

Some of the duties include working in the beer garden at City Park, selling hot dogs and just being on hand in case people need help.

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This where the volunteers come in, said volunteer coordinator Robert Holmes.

"We have about 100 people contribute and throw their hat in to do what they can," Homes said. "It does become challenging every year because some people have a family vacation planned or are busy because Miners Day does fall on a holiday [Labor Day]."

That’s why Holmes welcomes anyone from the community to wants to help.

"We’re more than happy to have people help out," he said. "Those who want to help out can visit the Rotary website (http://www.parkcityrotary.com ) or talk with anyone who is in the Rotary Club."

Holmes also encouraged potential volunteers to reach out to Hewitt.

"Since he is the chairman, he’s a good person to contact," Holmes said.

Holmes says there are certain areas that need more volunteers than others.

"During the morning of the parade there is a lot of setup on Main Street," he said. "We also need help setting up the picnic area in City Park and helping serve the food and setting up the vendors and with the games."

Some of the work needs to be done Sunday, the day before the event.

"That’s when we’ll be setting up the fencing in the park," Malone said. "It’s a lot of work, so more people makes things move faster and go easier."

More often than not, volunteers are needed to relieve those who have been working for two to three hours during the event.

"It’s nice to have people come in so others can take a break," Malone said. "It’s nice because we have people who work four or five hours at a time and would like to walk around a bit and talk with people."

Lastly, volunteers are needed when Miners Day ends.

"It’s so appreciated when people come and help with the takedown," Malone said.

Organizers are expecting about 17,000 people attend Miners Day this year, according to Hewitt.

"Three years ago, the estimated numbers were 8,000 less, so this thing keeps getting bigger and bigger, he said. "It is a daunting task to put together, but we always do it because of the help we get from the Rotary Club and the volunteers."

Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Hewitt by calling 435-659-5473 .

For more information about Miners Day, visit http://www.parkcityrotary.com .