Molly Blooms adds Fridays to its dueling pianos performances |

Molly Blooms adds Fridays to its dueling pianos performances

Molly Blooms Restaurant and Pub has presented a Saturday night dueling pianos show since 2013.

The performance features two pianists who take requests and a little cash from the audience to perform a song. If other audience members don’t like the song, they jump on the stage and hit a gong to stop the current song and make a request for another song.

"It makes for a fun and crazy evening," said Nicole Hedden, director of sales and services at Molly Blooms. "It’s a lot of fun and we try to get everyone involved."

To extend the fun, Molly Blooms, 1680 W. Ute Blvd. at Kimball Junction, has added a Friday night dueling pianos show this winter.

Each evening will feature two sets — one beginning at 8 p.m. and the other at 10 p.m.

"The earlier session is very family-friendly and more like a dinner and a show," Hedden explained. "We don’t get a lot of requests because it’s early in the evening and people are dining and enjoying the music."

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The atmosphere changes at 10 p.m.

"That’s when things get a little more bawdy and is an adult-themed show," Hedden said with a laugh. "The musicians get a little looser with the lyrics and there is a little more dueling as they play the songs."

Even the customers start dueling.

"They get up on stage and gong each others songs more because they want their songs to be played," Hedden said. "Sometimes people will even get up on stage and dance."

The rules for both sessions are the same.

  • It’s an all-request format and suggestions turn into requests when tips are added.
  • No one has to listen to a song they don’t want, meaning they can hit the gong at any time and pay more money to request a new song.
  • The older song can be requested with a tip that is larger than the last.
  • Fun is the essence of the evening.

    "Dueling pianos is great for parties, couples on a date or a group of friends," Hedden said. "It’s also fun for individuals to come in and find a dance partner."

    Molly Blooms has the perfect setup for the show, she said.

    "We have a great stage where the pianos are," Hedden said. "It’s big enough for two pianos and a gong, plus, there is even room on the stage to dance. And if that’s filled up, we also have a small dance floor as well."

    The pianists who are involved with the dueling pianos performances include locally based musicians Rich Wyman, Mike Rogers, Kirk Garrett, Jeramey Bohtello, Mitch Carter and Robyn Kemp, also known as Robyn Cage, to name a few.

    "Every one of these pianists know their craft and are all like comedians," Hedden said.

    "Rich is very interactive with the guests, as is Mike, who is at mostly every show."

    Like Wyman, Rogers loves to interact with the audience.

    "Robyn is a little newer to the show and has such a beautiful voice," Hedden said. "When she’s on stage, there is a lot of fun with the back and forth between the pianists because she’s female."

    Carter will sometimes add new musical angles to the show.

    "Mitch is truly funny and will occasionally whip out his guitar," Hedden said.

    Sometimes the restaurant’s staff will join in the throng.

    "One of our servers, Breanne Thorup, will jump on stage and play the piano," Hedden said. "She’s studying to be a concert pianist, and when she’s working her shift, she’ll play for a few minutes."

    Other employees also take time to savor the moment.

    "Our kitchen staff will get up and dance during the show and do the ‘Y.M.C.A.’ song," Hedden said. "As soon as I get off my shift, and if Rich is playing, I’ll request his unrecorded original, ‘Chivas on Ice’ and get up and dance."

    The charge to get into the show is $5 and goes to support the musicians and the restaurant.

    "This is a real fun and unique experience," Hedden said.

    Molly Blooms Restaurant and Pub, 1680 W. Ute Blvd. at Kimball Junction, presents dueling piano shows on Friday and Saturday evenings at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. Admission is $5. Reservations are required. Call 435-645-0844 to make reservations. For more information, visit