Mountain Life Church sets up a series of study groups |

Mountain Life Church sets up a series of study groups

Scott Fine has been the pastor at Mountain Life Church for 20 years.

Throughout those two decades he has seen a growth in attendance and said attendance for Sunday services is upwards of 600.

With the increase in numbers came the concern to keep the church-goers on the same page, and to do so, the church’s leadership has identified the essential dynamics of a healthy church and put them together in a new "adventure," Fine said.

These five ideas are:

  • Experience Community
  • Encounter Jesus
  • Engage the Word
  • Enter Service
  • Enjoy Life

    "These all flow out of a heartbeat for the passion for God and compassion for people," Fine told The Park Record. "These essentials are what the leaders of Mountain Life Church believe are biblical pathways for believers to pursue to be healthy in their own lives and to allow the church to unify around God’s purposes."

    That’s why the church has created a series of study groups that will explore these dynamics.

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    "We will offer a message series of these five essentials of the Christian faith, along with small groups that will meet throughout Park City, Kamas, Heber and Salt Lake City," Fine said. "These groups will take the Sunday message, which can be heard live or online at , and wrestle with the concepts and discuss them to move them from being just nice ideas into realities in their lives."

    The "base camp" meeting will be at Mountain Life Church, 7375 N. Silver Creek Rd., on Sunday, Sept. 8, at 9 a.m. From there, groups will meet throughout the week for six weeks to discuss the five concepts.

    "The groups from then will meet at different times, in whichever group their schedules will allow," Fine said. "The groups will comprise of 14 to 16 people, and many groups will offer child care.

    "We hope everyone will get along so famously that they will want to continue to meet together after the six weeks are over and continue to study together," he said.

    The approach is something new to the church, but Fine believes it will unify the church family in ways that haven’t been done before.

    "Park City is known for independent thinking and the residents are usually doing something in a way they want done, which is great, but when it comes to building stronger unity and becoming more authentic with the Christian journey, getting on the same page is important," he said. " doing that, we have the potential to create synergy, focus and change the life of the church members from the inside out."

    The study groups are open to the public.

    "You don’t have to be part of the church to participate," Fine said.

    There are different ways to register for a group.

    People can register by visiting , by calling or emailing Kathy Engelbert-Fenton at (435) 647-5855 or , or by visiting the church, 7375 N. Silver Creek Rd.

    "One of the problem with religion is the ideas can just become a bunch of clichés," Fine said. "People will look at their lives and see how the ideas are in one area and their actual way of life is in another.

    "We’re always trying to close the gap, but we also give ourselves excuses and the permission not to integrate these two things," he said. "We’re hoping this six-week session will help us find a way to bring them together."

    The Mountain Life Church, 7375 N. Silver Creek Rd., will present a "base camp" session that will introduce study groups to five essential concepts central to its teachings on Sunday, Sept. 8, at 9 a.m. The groups will meet different days for six weeks in Park City, Kamas, Heber and Salt Lake City. Admission is free and open to the public. For more information, call (435) 647-5855 or visit