Mountain Town Music returns to Quarry Village |

Mountain Town Music returns to Quarry Village

On Sunday, June 30, Mountain Town Music will return to Quarry Village to present free live music every Sunday at 6 p.m.

Billy Blanco’s Concert Series will run through Sunday, Sept. 8, and will feature a mix of regional and local acts, said Brian Richards, community conductor of musical affairs for Mountain Town Music.

"We want to go big from the get-go, so we’ll have reggae superstars Afro Omega to kick things off," Richards told The Park Record. "We’ll also have soul singer Garrett Labeau from Austin, Texas, on July 21, the Dead Winter Carpenters from California scheduled for Aug. 18 and roots rocker Jeff Crosby from Idaho on July 28."

Other artists scheduled include the ZZ Top tribute band Trezz Hombres on July 14 and Park City’s own Sideshow Ramblers on Sept. 1.

"We’re really excited about the lineup, because of its diversity and flavor – it’s going to knock people out," he said.

It’s been close to five years since Mountain Town Music last programmed a concert at Quarry Village, said Richards, who attributed the opportunity to restauranteur Bill White.

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"Bill is kind of a rock star in his own right and is a staunch proponent of live music and the community in general and it was important for him to bring the concert series back," Richards said. "He is opening up a new restaurant in Quarry Village called Billy Blanco’s Motor City Mexican, and it’s been a passion project for him for the last year. He has literally designed and built everything in the restaurant from the ground up. It’s mind blowing and we’re excited to be a part of it"

There is a natural outdoor amphitheater near the side of the restaurant, located at 8208 Gorgoza Pines Road, where the concerts will take place.

"Bill told us ‘We have this beautiful amphitheater, (and) it would be awesome if we started the concerts up again.’" Richards said. "He also said it would be a great way for Blanco’s to ingratiate itself with the Pinebrook/Jeremy Ranch community. So, we came up with the idea for the Billy Blanco’s Sunday night concert series."

The stage is smaller than the other Mountain Town Music stages located at Newpark and Deer Valley. However, if the community embraces the series, White and Richards plan to build a bigger stage in the future.

"But, you know, we love the smaller community stages, because we can hit the outlying parts of Park City," he said. "There are tons of people who live out in Pinebrook and Jeremy Ranch who will be able to call this concert series their own. We hope it grows and attracts people from Salt Lake City and Park City as well."

Restarting the concert series is like coming full circle for Mountain Town Music, Richards said.

When Randy Barton, now the manager of the Egyptian Theatre, started up the nonprofit organization as Mountain Town Stages, he originally worked with the Santa Fe Partners when Quarry Village was under development.

"Randy was the one who built that stage," Richards said. "He was out there pouring concrete and coming up with the design. It was his little baby."

Barton told The Park Record that he was excited to hear that Mountain Town Music is programming it again.

"It’s great that Brian is taking my vision and expanding on the idea," Barton said. "You always want your idea to soar and he is doing a fabulous job. I’m so proud of him."

Barton had a hand in the landscaping when Quarry Village was built back around 2004.

"I went out and crawled around in the mud, put the stakes in and put the stage up," he said. "It’s one of the few stages that I had my hands on that is still there. It sat empty for a while, but it’s a beautiful, world-class spot and a great place for those people in Pinebrook and Jeremy Ranch.

"I’m just so happy to see Brian and Mountain Town Music getting back in there to do some programming," Barton said.

Since Billy Blanco’s has control over the area, White will allow people to bring picnic blankets and coolers and food, Richards said.

"But we really want to encourage them to go to the restaurant because the food there is righteous," he said. "In fact, we want to invigorate the whole area. It already has a cool vibe and we want to remind people that Billy Blanco’s and Quarry Village is a happening place.

"Nothing brings people together like live music — one community under groove" he said. "We see that on every one of our stages and this will be a great addition to our mission."

  • Billy Blanco’s 2013 Concert Series lineup at Quarry Village

    All concerts are free and start at 6 p.m.


    30 — Afro Omega, reggae


    7 — Changing Lanes Experience, rock and soul

    14 — Trezz Hombres, ZZ Top cover band

    21 — Garrett Lebeau, rock, jazz and folk

    28 — Jeff Crosby & The Refugees, rock and Americana


    4 — Bullets & Belles, folk and doo-wop

    11 — The PATWA Reggae Band

    18 — Dead Winter Carpenters, roots rock

    25 — Ghostowne, Southern rock and folk


    1— Sideshow Ramblers, classic rock and groove

    8 — 2 ½ White Guys, ska and rock steady

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