Mural will raise funds for the Park City Library |

Mural will raise funds for the Park City Library

There will be an added fundraising element during the Friends of the Park City Library’s annual used book sale this weekend.

Not only will members of the public donate to the library by purchasing used books, but they can also purchase and personalize a tile that will be placed on an aspen-tree mural created by Mark Maziarz.

The black and white mural, which measures 14 feet by 7 feet, has been divided up into 882 4-inch squares that will be filled in with colored tiles that cost $150 each, according to Margie Schloesser, chairwoman of the Park City Library board.

"Up to four tiles may be purchased by a family or an individual," Schloesser said during an interview with The Park Record. "Some have purchased them in memory of a loved one or to honor someone. Others have purchased them just to thank the library for enriching members of their family. Personally, my family has purchased several tiles as a thank you to the library for the huge role that it has played in our family life over the years."

There will be a limit of approximately 20 characters per line, with a maximum of two lines.

"If your name has a lot of Ls and Is, then you may be able to get a way with more letters," Schloesser said with a smile. "We’d be in trouble if all we had were Ws."

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The money from the tiles will help the library maintain and introduce new public programs and be used at the discretion of the library board and director, Schloesser said.

"Our focus for the past two years has been on the new building, so, now, as the library board, we are focusing on new programs and, particularly, the outreach to the community and students," she said.

Park City Library Director Adriane Herrick Juarez is thrilled with the fundraiser, suggested to the board by architect Kevin Blalock of Blalock and Partners.

"First of all, this beautiful mural is so representative of Park City with the aspen and the aspen leaves," she said. "Secondly, the library has a rich tradition of inclusion and this piece is part of that because every community member can have their name in the library and help us attain our next goals.

"Now that the library is done, we want to invigorate the space with collections, programs and computer resources that the community can enjoy for years to come," Herrick Juarez said. "This will help us get there. It will help us meet some financial goals for the wish list that the library board has. It will help us move our priorities forward and we’re excited that it’s here."

The fundraiser also honors the past, but will help the library look towards the future.

"The library is all about embracing the old and the new," Herrick Juarez said. "We have the beautiful, historic and 21st Century elements.

"It’s the same with our donor recognition," she said. "We still have the beautiful Book Spine piece and the Founder’s Glass, but now we have a new piece that people can take part with."

Photographer Mark Maziarz is honored that his photograph is part of the fundraiser.

"I love this," he said. "I think the goal of most photographers is to get their work out and have people to see. So, the fact that the library is using one of my photos as a tool to raise money is so great. It’s so phenomenal for me to be a part of this."

Maziarz adores aspens.

"They are so white, tall and straight," Maziarz said. "I’m from Chicago and we just don’t have aspen trees back there. So, when I’m out, I always like to look at the different patterns that I can see I these trees and sometimes I’ll shoot to show the verticality, but occasionally I’ll look for different angles and the up-angle that I took this photo from was pretty dramatic."

Maziarz snapped the photo off two years ago at Bonanza Flat while he taught a photography class for the Kimball Art Center.

"I don’t usually shoot much when I teach because I’m usually helping people, but we found this cool glade heading up to Brighton and Big Cottonwood Canyon and I looked up and said, ‘Ah! That’s what I want.’"

During the Park City Library’s used book sale, the library board will help the public purchase the tiles.

"They can actually go in the library and purchase them now," Schloesser said. "We’ve sold 45 so far."

In addition to purchasing tiles for the mural, the Park City Library is also offering the public the chance for room dedications.

"These require a higher donation and the donors will be honored for 20 years," Schloesser said. "Once someone donates for a room, we will place a plaque in the room.

These funds will also help to expand programs, including visiting authors and book festivals.

"If people are more interested in room dedications, they can contact the library," Schloesser said.

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